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The Best Dual Monitor Stand for Your Specific Setup (Buying Guide)

Written by Thao Tran
Last updated Dec 18, 2019

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Dual monitor desk mount

Is your dual monitor setup sitting flat on your desk? If so, you’re missing out. Dual monitor stands let you move around your monitors however you want them, along with a host of other benefits.

You just need to pick the right type of stand for your needs and the right product for your budget. That’s where we can help.

What to look for in a dual monitor stand

Before you purchase one based on star ratings and looks alone, look out for these key features and functions.

VESA Compatibility

Since VESA mounts are the industry standard (and your monitors most likely have them), make sure your dual monitor stand is VESA compatible. The last thing you want to do is buy a stand that doesn’t fit your monitor.

Range of Motion

Different dual monitor stands allow for different ranges of motion. How do you want your monitors to move? For example, you’ll need to make sure your monitor stands allow for a decent max height if:

  • You have a standing desk
  • You want to position your monitors at eye level for ergonomics
  • You want to position your monitor(s) vertically
Vertical and horizontal dual monitor setup

If you want a vertical monitor, make sure your mount has the range of motion to support it. Pictured: evensteven33’s Setup

In addition to max height, also take into consideration tilt, swivel, and rotation depending on your needs. Most dual monitor stands will have a demo of their range of motion.

Weight Capacity

Monitor arms are gas spring loaded to counterbalance the weight of your monitors. This technology allows you to adjust the position of your monitors freely in a wide range of motion. You just have to make sure your monitor arm is rated to support the weight of your monitors!

Figure out the weight of each of your monitors and check the weight capacity of your double monitor stand before you pull the trigger.

The Different Types of Dual Monitor Stands

There’s more than one way to stand your dual monitors, so it’s good to know which type is best for your situation. We’ve also picked out our favorite products for each type.

Dual Monitor Risers

People often buy these when they want to raise their screens to the proper height for ergonomics. Dual monitor risers are great for this purpose and are incredibly easy to setup—but they can’t do much else for you.

Other dual monitor stand options allow you to raise, tilt, swivel, and rotate your screens, with the added benefit of clearing up space on your desk. Risers usually end up taking more space than the original stands your monitors came with.

But if all you’re looking for is a quick and easy way to elevate your screens, risers are your best bet.

VIVO Black Wood 39″

Best all-around dual monitor riser

Monoprice Large Multimedia Monitor Stand

Great alternative if you prefer glass

Dual Monitor Desk Mounts

Desk-mounted stands attach to either the edge of your desk or a grommet hole (if your desk has one). Your monitors mount onto two spring-loaded arms that move independently and provide excellent range of motion. The monitor arms also serve as an easy way to hide your cables.

Dual monitor desk mounts are a great option if your desk is sturdy enough to handle them. They have a tiny footprint and are fairly simple to install. The only downside to this type of mount is you’ll need to leave space between your desk and the wall to allow room for the arms.

EleTab Dual Monitor Mount

Best all-around dual monitor desk mount


Dual Monitor Wall Mounts

If you’ve wall-mounted a TV before, these are right up your alley. Dual monitor wall mounts work just like desk mounts with independent arms, except they attach directly to your wall.

Aside from clearing up a ton of space on your desk, the best benefit of wall mounts is its aesthetic appeal. Run your cables through the wall and you can achieve the appearance of floating monitors.

If you’re handy, this might be your best option.

AVLT Dual Monitor Wall Mount

Best dual monitor wall mount


Freestanding Dual Monitor Stands

As its name suggests, these guys stand on your desk without having to attach to anything. Freestanding dual monitor stands leave a smaller footprint and give you more range of motion than monitor risers, but don’t look as nice or function as well as the desk and wall mounts.

If you want more than a monitor riser but don’t want to bother with mounting to your desk/wall, freestanding stands are a happy medium.

VIVO Full Motion Freestanding Desk Stand

Best freestanding dual monitor stand


HUANUO Freestanding Dual Monitor Stand

A premium alternative w/ glass base


Not sure what type of double monitor stand to pick?

Maybe a visual will help. Compare the features of each type of stand side-by-side.

Dual Monitor Stand Type Comparison

Pick the best option for the features you value! I went with a desk mount because I didn’t want to cut holes in my wall.

Elevate your monitors, elevate your setup

Aside from improving your posture (your neck will thank you), elevating your screens with a dual monitor stand also makes your whole setup look better. Check out my setup after I changed from two single monitor risers to the EleTab desk mount.

Comparing dual monitor risers to a dual monitor desk mount.

Clean, eh?

Well, what are you waiting for? Get on with it! And please let me know if I missed anything in the comments below.

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