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The Best Headphone Stands for Your Desk Setup

Written by Thao Tran
Last updated Dec 18, 2019

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headphone and wooden omega stand

Let’s be honest. Headphone stands are for show. You can store your headphones just fine without one. But with one, you can place your fancy Sennheisers on a literal pedestal along with the rest of your high tech desk setup.

It’s a little vain, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

With that said, we made sure all these headphone stands could do their other job too: holding your headphones without damaging them. We assessed over thirty headphone stands on their looks, functionality, quality, and value.

But more on our research later. Let’s look at our picks for the best headphone stands available online.

Best All-Around headphone Stand

For a single headset

Woo Audio HPS-R

Best headphone stand over $50

In the premium price range, the Woo Audio stood out from the rest. Its unique, adjustable arm ensures it can handle any size headset you own now or in the future.

The Woo Audio HPS-R hit all our requirements. It has a wide, curved bridge that allows your headset to rest gently, putting minimal stress on its headband. Its adjustable arm accomodates even the largest audiophile headphones, and it has a heavy base to make sure not moving anywhere.

Maybe most importantly, it’s a thing of beauty. Its aluminum finish and construction screams quality, but that is reflected in its premium price ($79 at the time of this writing). You can get it in matte black, silver, or gold.

Bluelounge Posto

Best budget headphone stand

The Bluelounge Posto has a soft, flexible rest to hold your headset without damaging it and a sturdy aluminum body. Its only shortcoming is its lightweight base.

The Bluelounge Posto is our pick for the best budget headphone stand—largely because it doesn’t look like one. Many headphone holders in the budget price range ($10-$30) suffer from ugly logos, blemished finishes, and flimsy plastics.

That’s not the case with the Bluelounge. Its sturdy pieces come together to make an elegant, minimalistic base for your headset. Its most common complaint is its lightweight base. Be mindful when you’re placing or removing your headphones or else you’ll knock the whole thing over. It’s available in black and white.

For Double Headsets

Woo Audio HPS-T

Best premium double headphone stand

The double headphone model of the Woo Audio HPS, our top pick. The design is tweaked (improved) to hold two headphones.

Since we loved the Woo Audio HPS-R so much, it makes sense we’d like their double headphone version too. The Woo Audio HPS-T offers all the benefits of the HPS-R with a different design. Its telescoping arm is centered on its base to allow room for a larger headset rest on top. We actually think this design looks better overall, but isn’t practicle for only holding one set of headphones.

Jokitech AHD

Best budget double headphone stand

With leather pads for your headphones to gently rest on, full-body aluminum, and a metallic finish, you get a premium look without the premium price.

Although the Jokitech AHD’s headset rest is narrow and has distinct edges, it also has leather pads to soften the contact. Other budget double headphone holders looked much less forgiving on your headphones. They also weren’t as pretty. The Jokitech has an aluminum body with a metallic finish around its base. We think it looks great for its price, and is available in a variety of different colors including black, silver, space grey, gold, and rose gold.

Best Headphone Hanger

Elevation Lab The Anchor

Hang your headphones out of sight

A solid piece of soft silicone that mounts underneath your desk via a powerful 3M adhesive. The Anchor gives you a space-efficient way to store your headset.

If you don’t want your headphones taking up desktop real estate, consider a headphone hanger. The Anchor mounts underneath your desk, allowing you to tuck your headphones away neatly and hidden from view. It has a soft silicone body and a curved rest that will be gentle on your headphones.

There were many other headphone hanger options with additional features but we found them to be unecessary. If you wish to hang your headset(s) away from view, The Anchor will do so neatly and reliably. Just make sure you find the perfect place to mount it. It’s permanent!

Best RGB Headphone Stand

Corsair ST100

To satisfy your RGB needs

The full-body aluminum Corsair ST100 holds your headset in style with a few nice-to-have perks: Two 3.1 USB inputs and a 3.5mm audio jack that enables 7.1 Surround Sound.

We know how crazy you are about RGB (okay we are too) so we had to include this category. When it comes to RGB headphone stands, you essentialily have two options: the Corsair ST100 or the Razer Base Station Chroma—and they stack up pretty evenly. The Corsair has superior technology and build quality while the Razer has a slightly better design and brighter lights. We ended up giving Corsair the edge because we like their products better. In the end, you might want to do the same: pick your favorite brand and call it a day.

Best Wood Headphone Stand

Sieveking Sound Omega

Best premium wood headphone holder

The German-made Sieveking Sound Omega’s quality is unmatched among other omega headphone stands, but so is its price.

We’re not sure what the origins of the omega-shaped headphone stand is, but it’s a damn popular design—maybe for its simplicity and curves. If you want a wood headphone stand and money is not an issue, go with the Sieveking Sound Omega. Its quality and price stands well above the others.

Locked in with that $180ish price tag is piece of mind that you’ll get exactly what you paid for. We found nothing but glowing reviews of the product’s woodwork and material quality. The Sieveking Sound Omega comes in a variety of wood finishes including maple, walnut, cherry, zebrano, and more.

ASONA Wood Arch

Best budget wood headphone holder

The ASONA can pass as a premium wood headphone stand even from up close, but as with other budget products, quality control is iconsistent.

Those alternatives to the Sieveking we mentioned? You’ll find plenty of them on Amazon, and none of them are without their complaints. However, the ASONA Wood Arch was the most promising. Its smooth wood finish is superior to the glossy coating we found on other budget options. And unless you’re actually touching it and inspecting the fibers in the wood, you won’t be able to notice a big difference between the ASONA and its costly counterpart. We think the ASONA is the smarter buy out of the two. There were a few quality control issues reported by others but is easily countered by Amazon’s generous return policy.

Our Process

The Search

How did we find the headphone stands for our list? First, we checked all the usual spots we find tech setups: /r/battlestations, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook groups, etc. We wanted to start with what people were already using.

Then we widened our search to see find everything else that was available. We entered “headphone stands” into Google and Amazon and took note of all of the promising products that passed our eye test. We ended up with about thirty products to inspect further.

The Criteria

How did we judge these headphone holders? We used the following four criteria (in order of importance):


Since headphone stands are mostly for show, our initial eye test helped us eliminate many products right off the bat. The products that didn’t look good enough for us had these common traits:

  • Ugly branding/logos
    • Dear Amazon brands, we understand it’s important to put your logo on things, but don’t make it so large that customers feel like advertisers—especially if your logo is outdated.
  • Cheap-looking materials
    • Flimsy plastics
    • Overly glossy wood finishes
  • Outdated design
    • There are classic looks and then there are dated looks. We tried our best to distinguish between the two


At the very least, your headphone stand should be able to carry headphones without damaging them. Any additional functionality is a plus. Here’s what you should look out for.

  • A supportive headphone rest (the upper part of the stand where your headphones hang from)
    • Make sure it’s wide. More surface area to hold your headphones means less pressure on the headband.
    • Make sure it’s soft or at least curved. We don’t want any sharp edges damaging the headband material.
  • A heavy and stable base to prevent the stand from falling over
    • Watch out for budget headphone stands that are made from lightweight materials
    • Look for stands with a wide, weighted base
  • For under-desk headphone hangers, make sure it’s soft.
    • Your knees will thank you.
  • Cable management features
    • Some headphone stands have trays or compartments for your headphone cables. This wasn’t important to us because most pc gamers either have wireless headsets or leave them constantly plugged in.
  • USB & audio jacks
    • While they can be handy in some cases, we didn’t think they were important enough to outweigh any of the must-haves.


As with most physical products, a high quality headphone stand will have a high quality finish. Does its individual parts fit together seamlessly or are their gaps? Does its surface look and feel smooth all over? If so, there’s a good chance it’s quality.


Usually if a product has a great design, functions well, and is made with high quality materials, it’s expensive too. But some headphone stands checked all our boxes and costed a lot less than others. Those ones won the value battle.

Honorable Mentions

There were several headphone stands that barely missed the cut. These stands might’ve lacked a certain quality we were looking for but could still be perfect for you.

Silverstone Technology EBA01B: This has a similar style and price tag as our top pick, the Woo Audio. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get past its large, ugly logo that seems to be edited out of its product photos.

Just Mobile HeadStand: We actually love the Just Mobile. Its minimalistic design and integrated cable management feature nearly won us over. But with a list price of nearly $50, we couldn’t justify the buy.

Razer Headphone Stand: For some reason, the cheaper, non-RGB version of the Razer Base Station Chroma is made from better material (aluminum vs. plastic). Just Razer things I guess. It’s only downfall is its rest. Your headphones are held up by two narrow contact points that will surely leave an imprint. Other than that, it looks and feels great.

AudioQuest Perch: This premium headphone stand ticked all our boxes. Its style was just a little too old school for us. For almost $80, we wanted a little pizazz—but you might like it.

ROOMs Audio Typ FS S: Same problem here as with the AudioQuest Perch. It just looks too old fashioned for how much it costs. Maybe we should’ve made a section for “old school headphone stands”?

We made it y’all

Believe it or not, we were using banana stands and toilet paper rolls to hold our headsets not too long ago. We’ve come a long way. 

An IKEA toilet roll holder mounted under a desk

Thankfully, we now have hundreds of cool headphone stands to choose from. Hopefully we helped you narrow down your search and further your quest in building a beautiful tech setup.

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