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The 5-Step Guide to Perfect Desk Cable Management

Desk cable management is like cleaning your room. It’s a hassle in the moment but feels damn near therapeutic once you're done. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as vacuuming and putting stuff away. You’ll need a plan of attack and at least a few hours set aside to...

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How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration, Everywhere

A little-known feature called mouse acceleration has been messing up our aim since Windows XP. Why is it enabled by default? Who knows? Why is it called "enhance pointer precision"? An even bigger mystery. Disable it though and you'll notice more consistent mouse...

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The Best Headphone Stands for Your Desk Setup

Let's be honest. Headphone stands are for show. You can store your headphones just fine without one. But with one, you can place your fancy Sennheisers on a literal pedestal along with the rest of your high tech desk setup. It's a little vain, and there's nothing...

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How to Clean Any Type of Mousepad

If your mousepad looks anything like my "before" picture, it definitely needs a cleanin'. That buildup you see isn't just dust. It's a combination of sweat, oil, and dead skin. A dirty mousepad isn't only gross, it also creates unnecessary friction for your mouse,...

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The Ultimate Gaming Desk Buying Guide

Is finding the right desk for your gaming setup all that important? We think so. If you don’t find the right desk, how will you fit your multiple monitors, studio speakers, and other peripherals? Plus, there’s more to a great desk than its size. A lot more. This...

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