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Welcome to Voltcave! Our goal is to help PC gamers build beautiful gaming setups. We break down the most impressive gaming setups on the internet and create guides to help you build your own.

3 Steps to Building Your Dream Gaming Setup

1. Get Inspired

On our home page, you’ll find an interactive gallery of the coolest gaming setups we can find. Click around to discover what styles and products you like.

A demonstration of our interactive gaming setup breakdowns.

2. Get Good

Once you’re all fired up, check out our in-depth articles to refine your skills. We’ll teach you how to build a gaming PC, RGB lighting skills, perfect desk cable management, and more. We aim to make all of our guides both entertaining and useful.

3. Build

After following steps 1 and 2, all that’s left to do is start building! Like all art forms though, your PC hardware setup will grow and evolve over time—so check back with us to keep up with the latest products and trends.

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