The 6 Best Mice for Fingertip Grips in 2022

Written by Azzief Khaliq
Last updated Oct 21, 2022

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best mice for fingertip grip

Gaming mice are a dime a dozen these days, coming in all shapes and sizes. But the sheer variety can make finding the right mouse for your grip somewhat challenging. So if you’re seeking the best mouse for fingertip grip but can’t figure out where to even start, this list is for you.

Our list focuses on smaller, symmetrical mice with bonafide lightweight credentials, as we believe they’re the best options for most users. This applies particularly to those with small-to-medium sized hands that can’t just fingertip grip anything like the large-handed ones out there. But let’s stop wasting time and get started!

Short on Time? The Best Fingertip Grip Mice at a Glance
  • Best Fingertip Grip Mouse Overall: Xtrfy M42 RGB Wireless has interchangeable back panels, software-less operation, and a movable battery so you can get it feeling just right.
  • Best Fingertip Grip Mouse Alternative: Razer Orochi V2 has a gentle “egg” shape with excellent hardware and long-lasting battery life. Perfect for work and play.
  • Best Wired Fingertip Grip Mouse: G-Wolves Hati S HTS Stardust has a great shape, perfect dimensions, and top-notch hardware, with an eye-catching “stardust” motif.
  • Best Wired Fingertip Grip Mouse Alternative: Glorious Model O- has the right shape and dimensions, but low thumb buttons mean it may not work for everyone.
  • Best Dedicated Fingertip Grip Mouse: G-Wolves Hati HSK is designed exclusively for fingertip grips, with its unconventional 3.2-inch-long shape.
  • Best Budget Fingertip Grip Mouse: Cooler Master MM710 ticks the right boxes for around $20 (depending on finish), making it a perfect option for the budget-conscious.

Our Favorite Fingertip Grip Mice

1. Xtrfy M42 RGB Wireless

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse Overall

Weight67 grams (2.36 oz)
Dimensions (L x W x H)4.64 x 2.20 x 1.49 inches
SensorPixart PMW3370
DPI Range400 - 19,000
Battery Life75 hours

Xtrfy’s M42 RGB has long been a hidden gem in the ultralight mouse world, with its good shape and signature swappable back panel. The M42 RGB Wireless takes it up a notch, making it one of, if not the, best fingertip grip mice available right now.

The M42 RGB Wireless’ shape will be familiar to anyone who’s used the M42 RGB, as it’s exactly the same. For the uninitiated, the M42 shape is a relatively conventional symmetrical design with few curves or ridges. It’s a safe, neutral shape length- and width-wise; easy to recommend and unlikely to offend.

Xtrfy ships the M42 RGB Wireless with two different backs: one has a hump for more palm support, while the other is flatter. We think the latter’s low-profile design works better for a fingertip grip gaming mouse, but try both to see which works best.

The interchangeable back isn’t the M42 RGB Wireless’ only unique feature. It also boasts a multi-purpose toggle and button combination that lets you tweak all the mouse’s critical settings—DPI, debounce time, lift-off distance, and polling rate—directly from the mouse, with no software needed.

Xtrfy M42 RGB Wireless

Source: Xtrfy

Just move the toggle switch to the setting you want to change, then press the top button to change it. Once you’ve set the mouse up, you can set the button to “Page Down” and bind any in-game command you want to it. It’s a clever trick.

Xtrfy’s also repurposed the old “configurable weight” feature of mice like the Logitech G502 by letting you move the built-in battery forward and backward to alter the mouse’s balance. Admittedly, this likely isn’t a feature everyone will use, but it’s brilliant for those who like to tweak and experiment.

Overall, the Xtrfy M42 RGB Wireless is an excellent upgrade to an already-great mouse in the wired M42. Its customizability and excellent hardware (including a top-notch optical sensor and Kailh’s much-loved GM 8.0 switches) make it a great choice regardless of grip, but the size makes it stand out as a great contender for the best fingertip grip mouse.

The Xtrfy M42 RGB Wireless is available in black and white. On a tighter budget and don’t need a wireless mouse? The wired M42 RGB has the same shape and swappable back panel but costs just over half the price.

2. Razer Orochi V2

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse Alternative

Weight60 grams (2.2 oz) without battery
Dimensions (L x W x H)4.25 x 2.24 x 1.49 inches
SensorRazer 5G Optical
DPI Range100 - 18,000
Battery LifeUp to 950 hours (Bluetooth) / 425 hours (2.4 GHz)

If you’re a fingertip grip user looking for something different, it’s worth checking out “egg-shaped” mice. These have narrow fronts and backs and bulge out in the middle, offering a comfortable shape for fingertip grips. One of the best ones on the market right now is Razer’s Orochi V2.

The Orochi V2 has a small, relatively conservative “egg” shape. It’s short at 4.25 inches long, and the central bulge isn’t too pronounced, with a grip width of 2.24 inches. It’s a middle ground between a “normal” shape and the more extreme bulge of Logitech’s G303 Shroud Edition.

The upshot is that the Orochi V2 should be easy to get used to, even if you’ve never used an “egg” mouse. The narrow front lets you grip it there if needed, and the narrow back helps minimize contact with your palm and hand.

Unlike many modern gaming mice, the Orochi V2 sticks to AA and AAA batteries for power instead of a built-in rechargeable option. This means it’ll end up weighing more than the headline 60-gram (2.2-oz) figure, with an average alkaline AAA battery bringing it up to around 71 grams (2.4 oz) or thereabouts. Still more than light enough, even though Razer’s claim is a bit misleading.

Razer Orochi V2

Source: Razer

The benefit, though, is extremely good battery life over Bluetooth and low-latency 2.4 GHz. Razer claims up to 960 hours over Bluetooth and 425 hours over 2.4 GHz with an AA battery, so you may only have to swap batteries once a year.

On top of the great battery life and shape, the Orochi V2 is also a well-equipped mouse. You get Razer’s 5G Optical sensor (a rebranded PixArt 3369) and high-durability mechanical switches. It’s a genuinely excellent gaming mouse that’ll perform no matter what games you play.

Overall, the Razer Orochi V2 is a great alternative for a fingertip grip gaming mouse, especially for those seeking a mouse for work and play. Its long battery life and support for Razer HyperShift make it a great laptop companion, while the sensor and switches mean it’s great for popping heads after the workday ends.

The Razer Orochi V2 is available in black and white. You can also design a custom Razer Orochi V2 using Razer’s Custom Design tool.

3. G-Wolves Hati S HTS Stardust

Best Wired Fingertip Grip Mouse

Weight49 grams (1.73 oz)
Dimensions (L x W x H)4.45 x 2.15 x 1.57 inches
SensorPixart PMW3389
DPI Range400 - 16,000

Unless you’re a mouse nerd, the G-Wolves brand likely won’t sound familiar. But the company makes a range of great ultralight mice, and the Hati S is one of the best for fingertip grip users. With its small size and sub-50-gram weight, the Hati S is perfect if you’re after an agile and affordable fingertip mouse.

The Hati S has a typical symmetrical shape with few surprises. Where it stands out, relatively speaking, is in its short 4.45-inch length and narrow 2.15-inch grip width. These dimensions make it perfect for fingertip grip, especially if you have small-to-medium hands. The back is a bit high, but the overall size means there’s little chance of the mouse touching your palm or hand, even during the most vigorous movements.

But the size isn’t the only thing the Hati S has going for it. G-Wolves hasn’t skimped on the hardware, packing a top-end PixArt PMW 3389, widely considered a perfect optical sensor. You also get a lightweight sleeved cable to reduce cable drag and total weight, making for a top-notch package.

G-Wolves Hati S HTS

Source: G-Wolves

One unique feature on the G-Wolves Hati S is that you get a detachable cable. This isn’t a common feature and one that, admittedly, we don’t think many will use. However, it can be useful if you move between locations regularly. G-Wolves includes a backup cable in the box, too, so you won’t even have to pack it if you’re only moving between two fixed locations.

While aesthetics are subjective, we think it’s also worth mentioning that the Hati S HTS’ two finishes—Black Red and Black Star—look great with the speckled “stardust” motif on the honeycomb shell. It helps it stand apart from the sea of solid-colored gaming mice out there.

If you want an ultra-light wired fingertip grip mouse, the G-Wolves Hati S HTS Stardust is a brilliant place to start your search. It’s a great gaming mouse and an even better fingertip grip mouse, with its perfect size and excellent hardware.

G-Wolves also makes a wireless version, available for just over $100.

4. Glorious Model O-

Best Wired Fingertip Grip Mouse Alternative

Weight58 grams (2.04 oz)
Dimensions (L x W x H)4.72 x 2.28 x 1.41 inches
SensorPixArt PMW 3360
DPI Range100 - 12,000

Glorious’ Model O- is a bit of a modern classic. A variation on the Model O, one of the first mainstream ultralight honeycombed mice, the Model O- is a smallish, symmetrical mouse that fits fingertip grips perfectly.

The Model O-’s shape should be familiar to anyone who’s used a modern gaming mouse: it’s symmetrical, neutral, and devoid of any significant comfort curves or cutouts. It does have one standout characteristic, though: its relatively flat profile.

At only 1.41 inches at its tallest point, the Model O- will be perfect if you find other mice too tall for your fingertip grip. It’s not the shortest or narrowest mouse out there, though, so you’ll have to decide whether the lower height is worth the extra width and length.

Glorious Model O-

Source: Glorious

The Model O- is relatively old by gaming mouse standards, so it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s packing PixArt’s older PMW 3360 optical sensor. That’s not a bad thing, though, as it’s still a top-notch sensor that’s every bit the equal of the newer PixArt products. The Glorious “Ascended Cable” is also great: supple and flexible, it’s one of my favorite mouse cables even so many years after release.

The main downside of the Model O- is the placement of its thumb buttons. They’re relatively low down, so you may find it uncomfortable if you usually place your thumb below the thumb buttons. The thumb button positioning suits those who rest their thumb on or above the buttons best.

That minor niggle aside, though, the Glorious Model O- is a great fingertip grip gaming mouse, especially if you need a lower profile. The fact that you can get the matte versions for around $50 makes it an even more compelling option.

The Glorious Model O- is available in matte black, matte white, glossy black, and glossy white.

5. G-Wolves Hati HSK

Best Dedicated Fingertip Grip Mouse

Weight36 grams (1.27 oz)
Dimensions (L x W x H)3.23 x 2.28 x 1.38 inches
SensorPixArt PMW 3389
DPI Range100 - 16,000

If you want a pure, no-compromises fingertip mouse, G-Wolves’ Hati HSK is the mouse for you. It chops off most of the unnecessary back half of the mouse, making for a tiny, ultra-light mouse that some consider the best fingertip grip mouse ever made.

It’s impossible to talk about the Hati HSK without discussing its shape. It’s a full inch or more shorter than most mice, with no way to rest your hand or grip it other than with your fingertips. Take everything you know about mouse shapes and throw it out the window, because the HSK is a different beast focused on one thing, and one thing only: fingertip grip.

The HSK even strips out the side buttons for a pure three-button experience. It’s perhaps a bit of a radical move, but not too surprising when considering how single-minded the HSK is. That said, the company relented slightly by including thumb buttons on the (relatively hard-to-find) wireless HSK+, so go with that one if you need them.

G-Wolves Hati HSK

Source: G-Wolves

Of course, the HSK would be useless if it didn’t have the hardware to back up its FPS-ready shape. Thankfully, G-Wolves hasn’t skimped here: you get the same PixArt PMW 3389 optical sensor in its other mice, plus high-quality Kailh switches rated for 80 million clicks. The cable is the usual flexible, braided affair you get in modern mice and shouldn’t pose any issues during gameplay.

The biggest issue with the HSK (beyond its minimalism) is its availability: stock seems relatively limited, and prices can vary greatly depending on where you look. It’s even worse for the wireless HSK+, which seems totally unavailable but would be our pick if it were. As it is, if you want one of these tiny mice immediately, you’ll have to live with the wired HSK for now.

Stock issues aside, though, the G-Wolves Hati HSK is special for being one of those rare mice focused on a single grip style, with no concessions to accessibility or mainstream appeal. If you’re willing to abandon traditional shapes, this is the best fingertip grip mouse to get. If not, our other picks are probably safer bets.

6. Cooler Master MM710

Best Budget Fingertip Grip Mouse

Weight53 grams (1.87 oz)
Dimensions (L x W x H)4.59 x 2.15 x 1.50 inches
SensorPixArt PMW 3389
DPI Range400 - 16,000

Need a fingertip grip mouse on a tight budget? Look no further than the Cooler Master MM710. It ticks all the boxes and often sells for less than $30, making it one of the best deals if you’re after a fingertip grip gaming mouse.

As with many fingertip mice, the MM710 is a small symmetrical gaming mouse with restrained curves and little in the way of ergonomic design touches. Its safe shape works for most grip styles, but its 4.59-inch length and 2.15-inch grip width make it perfect for fingertip grips. Those with small-to-medium hands should find the MM710 right up their alley.

The small dimensions mean the MM710 has an impressive 53-gram (1.87-oz) weight, which means it’s still one of the lightest mainstream gaming mice out there. The MM710 might be getting on a bit compared to some other mice on this list, but it’s still got it where it counts.

That sentiment applies to the hardware, too. The PixArt PMW 3389 optical sensor is as good as anything you can get from Razer or Logitech these days, and the Omron switches offer solid, confident clicks. They’re not the most durable switches at only 20 million clicks, but that’s hard to complain about at the MM710’s newly reduced price.

Overall, the Cooler Master MM710 is a solid small mouse that should work brilliantly for fingertip grip gamers on a budget. It’s not the best fingertip grip mouse out there, but there’s a lot to like considering its very affordable price.

Note that while the MM710 comes in a few different finishes and colors, the glossy black version linked here is usually the best deal, regularly selling for around $20 on Amazon. So stick to that one if you’re looking for a deal.

What Makes a Great Fingertip Grip Mouse?

Have your eyes set on a mouse from our list? Great! But what if you’re more interested in shopping for a fingertip grip mouse on your own? Worry not; here are the criteria you should look out for to identify the best fingertip grip mouse for your needs.

The Shape

Generally, symmetrical mice make for the best fingertip grip mice. As you’re only holding the mouse by your fingertips, you won’t need any of the cutaways or curves you get on ergonomic mice. You can use a fingertip grip with an ergonomic mouse, but you might find that some fingers end up in awkward positions that they wouldn’t be in with a palm grip (for example).

Fingertip grip side profile

Source: Voltcave

Symmetrical mice also tend to be lower-profile and smaller than ergonomic mice, both of which are great for fingertip grips. Low-profile mice are good because a lower height means more room between the top of the mouse and your palm, eliminating any chance of it catching or grazing your palm.

The importance of gaming mouse size will depend on your hand size. Large-handed users (anyone with hands 7.6 inches or longer) will likely be able to fingertip grip most mice, so they won’t have to worry too much.

Medium- to small-handed gamers, however, should opt for shorter and smaller mice. Smaller mice let you grip your mouse without having to stretch or splay your fingers out, maximizing comfort and providing better control over your inputs.

The Weight

Mouse weight is a hot topic: some claim that ultralight mice help you aim better, while others insist that they’re a fad and that you can game well on anything. As ever, the truth is somewhere in between. Lightweight gaming mice won’t make you a better gamer overnight, but they can help with aiming speed and precision, especially with fingertip grips.

Because you’re only manipulating the mouse with your fingers, a lighter gaming mouse helps significantly when you use a fingertip grip. You’ll be able to move the mouse faster and react more quickly to your game, all while reducing finger strain.

Xtrfy M42 RGB Wireless

Honeycomb cutouts are a common way to minimize gaming mouse weight. Source: Xtrfy

If you’re used to using a fingertip grip with a heavy gaming mouse, try swapping to a lighter mouse weighing 80 grams or less. It won’t change your game immediately, but the extra agility and comfort should help you improve your game in the long run. A lighter mouse may also reduce strain during long gaming sessions, which is always welcome.

Beyond the shape, size, and weight, the other features you should look out for are more general and apply to all mice, regardless of your grip style. Check out our guide to choosing a gaming mouse for a great set of tips.

Closing Thoughts

Finding the best mouse for fingertip grip can be tricky, especially since there are so many variations on the “small and symmetrical” theme available on the market. Personal preference also plays a big role, and we can’t account for that. That said, we’re confident that our picks will work for most of you out there.

Our top pick, the Xtrfy M42 RGB Wireless is one of the best fingertip grip mice out there, with a perfect shape and a handful of clever design touches. It’s a great place to start. If you’re after something a bit different, the Razer Orochi V2 and its egg-shaped body is worth a try, too. That said, committed fingertip grip lifers should skip most of these and go straight for the G-Wolves Hati HSK.

Happy hunting!

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