The 5 Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos in 2022

Written by Azzief Khaliq
Last updated Sep 15, 2022

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gaming mouse and keyboard combos

A good gaming keyboard and mouse are integral to any gaming setup. But, important as they are, it could be overwhelming to research each component separately. If you’re just starting out, a one-click combo might be the better way to go, which is exactly what you’ll find in our list of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos.

The main upshot of a keyboard and mouse combo is that they generally offer a better deal than buying the components separately. You’ll have to compromise with most of these bundles, but they’re decent options if you just need to get your rig up and running without too much fuss. Let’s get started.

Short on Time? Best Keyboard + Mouse Combos at a Glance

Our Favorite Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos

1. Corsair K55 RGB Pro + Harpoon RGB Pro Bundle

Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Overall

If you want a proven mouse and keyboard combo that won’t disappoint, then Corsair’s K55 RGB Pro and Harpoon RGB Pro combo is a great starting point. You get a solid membrane keyboard and a competitive budget mouse that get the fundamentals right without too much fuss.

The K55 RGB Pro is a membrane keyboard, which isn’t surprising at this price point. It feels decent enough for a membrane, though, with a tactile bump and near-silent operation. Sure, it would have been nice to get a mech board, but Corsair’s mechanicals are all as expensive (or pricier) than this combo, so that was never going to happen.

Corsair K55 RGB Pro

Corsair K55 RGB Pro. Source: Corsair

You get six fully-programmable dedicated macro keys (with full macro support across the rest of the board), media controls, and a built-in wrist rest. It’s also spill-proof, handy if you game with a drink on your desk. Sure, these features don’t make up for lacking mechanical switches, but they make the K55 RGB Pro a keyboard that’s much easier to live with in the long term.

Mouse-wise, you get Corsair’s Harpoon RGB Pro, which we consider one of Corsair’s best mice. It’s a solid budget mouse with a PixArt PMW 3327 sensor and should work for many users. It’s a bit on the small side, but we think it’s a safe enough shape that most of you should be able to get used to it.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro

Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro. Source: Corsair

It’s not the lightest gaming mouse you’ll get, but it’s not too bad at 85 grams (2.99 ounces). It’s a safe and capable mouse that’ll do a great job and serve you well until you figure out what you want specifically out of your gaming mouse.

This Corsair combo isn’t perfect, but that goes for every gaming mouse and keyboard combo on our list. What it gets right, however, is the balance between the peripherals; they’re well-matched and we don’t think you’ll end up ditching one before the other.

2. Razer Homerun Bundle

Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo With Extras

If you need more than just a mouse and keyboard, Razer’s Homerun Bundle is one of your best options. You get a keyboard and mouse, of course, but the Homerun Bundle also includes a good mousepad and a solid 7.1 headset, all for just over $100.

Let’s start with the core components. The keyboard is a Razer Ornata V2, a full-size keyboard sporting Razer’s Mecha-membrane switches and signature RGB goodness. The Mecha-membranes have a strong tactility that you may appreciate if upgrading from a cheap membrane, but they’re nowhere near mechanical switches. It’s usable, but you probably can find better membrane keyboards out there.

However, the DeathAdder V2 mouse included in this bundle is more of a “home run”, to use Razer’s language. It takes the iconic DeathAdder shape and updates it for modern gamers with features like a Razer Focus+ 20K sensor and flexible Speedflex cable. It also boasts long-lasting Razer Optical switches and a lightweight 82-gram (2.89-ounce) body. It’s a great mouse that you can likely use daily for many years to come.

Razer DeathAdder V2

Razer DeathAdder V2. Source: Razer

We’re 50/50 so far: a merely-OK keyboard and a great mouse. Thankfully, the rest of the bundle stacks up quite favorably. The Razer Gigantus V2 mousepad is an above-average control-focused mousepad. That means your mouse glides slightly slower and stops more accurately than speedy mousepads.

The Kraken V3 X isn’t an audiophile headphone by any means, but it’s a solid gaming headset that should please many. It has a bassy sound that adds a lot of punch to game sounds without overpowering the rest of the spectrum. It also has a (Windows-only) THX Spatial Audio option, which you can enable for some cinematic immersion. Couple all that with a solid microphone, and you have a game-ready headset whose only real fault is that it’s wired.

Razer Ornata V2

Razer Ornata V2. Source: Razer

Overall, the Razer Homerun Bundle is a great choice if you want a complete solution that’ll get you up and running immediately. It’s pricier than our other picks, but the price of a good gaming headset and mousepad will push most of our bundles pretty close to this one. So it’s good value if you need everything it offers.

3. Redragon K551-RGB-BA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Best Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Most of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos feature membrane keyboards, which are acceptable for the price but not a great option if you care about the typing feel. Enter the Redragon K551-RGB-BA combo, which offers a proper mechanical keyboard for a competitive price.

This Redragon combo consists of the company’s K551-RGB-BA keyboard, a proper RGB version of the K551 that usually sports a fake RGB “rainbow” backlight. You get a metal switch plate and shine-through ABS keycaps, which are standard at this price point. The version in this bundle sports clicky Outemu Blue switches.

Outemus aren’t my favorite MX-style switch, as they feel cheaper and rattlier than Gateron or original Cherry MX switches. But that’s generally acceptable given the bundle’s affordable price. While the K551 is hot-swappable, Outemu sockets mean you’re limited to Outemu switches. Not ideal, but it at least gives you the option of changing to Outemu Reds if clicky switches aren’t your thing.

Redragon K551-RGB-BA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Source: Redragon

Now we come to the main drawback: the mouse. Redragon’s M602A-RGB mouse is a right-handed ergonomic offering, and it’s not a particularly great mouse. The shape is reasonably comfortable, but it has issues such as its 109-gram (3.84-ounce) weight, very stiff cable, and a high lift-off distance on its unnamed optical sensor. If you’re serious about gaming, you might do better with one of the best gaming mice under $30 instead.

However, it’s still a usable mouse, so it’s hard to be too critical. However, there’s no avoiding that the star of this Redragon bundle is the keyboard. It’s a surprisingly good keyboard for the price and will satisfy most beginners.

4. Redragon S113 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Best TKL Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Redragon’s S113 combo has something that most gaming mouse and keyboard combos don’t: a more compact TKL keyboard. If you know you won’t need the Numpad and want to save a few bucks, this is the combo to check out.

The keyboard is an unspecified Redragon keyboard, but it looks similar (if not identical) to the K552. Either way, it has the standard Redragon setup of shine-through dual-shot ABS keycaps on a plastic body with Outemu Brown switches. These are surprisingly good tactile switches, with a slightly heavier actuation force and more satisfying tactile bump than MX Browns.

Redragon S113 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Source: Newegg

Unfortunately, this keyboard is one of Redragon’s fake RGB “rainbow” keyboards, which simulates RGB using differently-colored LEDs for each row of keys. It’s alright at a glance, but the effect falls apart quickly after you use it for a while.

The mouse is another unnamed product that Redragon calls an “Ergonomic RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse.” It’s an ergonomic mouse with a no-name sensor and awkward 1200/2400/3200/4200 DPI settings. You at least get six programmable buttons, which is nice, but it’s an unspectacular gaming mouse otherwise.

Like the other Redragon’s keyboard and mouse combo on our list, the keyboard’s the main attraction of the Redragon S113 combo. It’s not a high-end board, but it ticks the right boxes for a TKL keyboard at a surprisingly low price.

5. Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050

Best Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Productivity

Any keyboard and mouse combination will do if you want something for work more than play, but what if you want something that offers an ergonomic design perfect for long days of typing? If so, check out Microsoft’s Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 combo.

The Comfort Desktop 5050’s standout feature is its curved keyboard, where the primary alphanumeric keys point inward towards the cluster’s center. This lets you adopt a more relaxed typing posture, with wrists that point inwards more naturally than with a standard staggered layout. It takes a bit of getting used to, but the benefits are noticeable if you’re a heavy typist.

The keyboard also has handy shortcut and media buttons along the top edge. You get five shortcut buttons, all of which you can customize using Microsoft’s Mouse and Keyboard Center program.

Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050

Source: Microsoft

The Comfort Desktop 5050 mouse is a symmetrical mouse with more curves than you usually see on symmetrical gaming mice. It’s a bit on the large side and is quite heavy, doubly so since it uses two AA batteries. So it’s not ideal for gaming, but it shouldn’t be a huge deal when you’re working.

The keyboard and mouse connect to your PC via an included USB dongle. Make sure you don’t lose it, as the keyboard and mouse are entirely useless without it; no fall-back Bluetooth or wired connectivity here. And no, it doesn’t look like you can buy the dongle (or any of the peripherals) separately.

Overall, the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 is a solid ergonomic option for anyone who needs a combo for work. It’s arguably a bit overpriced at MSRP, but the combo tends to hover around $50 online, which we think is a great price.

Before You Buy a Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Buying a mouse and keyboard combo is all about constraints and compromises. Manufacturers aren’t in the habit of pairing their high-end gear together, as they can sell those easily enough. So you’ll generally have to live with membrane or cheap mechanical boards and more budget-oriented mice that likely won’t have the latest sensors.

That’s why the Corsair K55 Pro combo sits at the top of our list. As far as compromises go, you’re really only giving up mechanical switches on the K55 Pro keyboard. But it’s not all bad, since the K55 Pro is an above-average membrane board that’s fine for gaming. And you get a decent mouse in the Harpoon RGB Pro, with its name-brand sensor and reasonably low weight.

Corsair K55 RGB Pro + Harpoon RGB Pro

Source: Corsair

However, once you start shopping lower down the price charts, you’ll start to encounter many unbalanced combos where one component is noticeably worse than the other. Some will have sub-par mice that you’ll likely replace well before the keyboard, while others will pack in some flashy but thoroughly mediocre gaming keyboards that won’t be inspiring to play on.

Is it ideal? No, but it’s sadly the norm when shopping for bundles. So take some time and decide what you want from a gaming mouse and keyboard combo before committing. Do you want a mechanical keyboard above all else, even if it means a lower-quality mouse? Or are you the other way around? Maybe you want to split the difference instead? Think about it before pulling the trigger.

You should also consider whether you might be better off buying separate devices to get what you want. It’s a bit more effort and research, but it’s the only way to go if none of the options tickle your fancy.

Closing Thoughts

The best gaming keyboard and mouse combos offer good value and convenience, but not without compromises. If you keep your eyes open and stay aware of what you want, it shouldn’t be too hard to navigate all available offerings to find the right combo.

If you have the budget, the Corsair K55 RGB Pro + Harpoon RGB Pro Bundle is what we’d suggest: both are solid products that will last a while. However, if you need a mousepad and headset to go along with your keyboard and mouse, you might as well get the Razer Homerun Bundle.

All the best!

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