The 4 Best Mousepads With Wrist Support in 2023

Written by Azzief Khaliq
Last updated Feb 8, 2023

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mousepads with wrist support

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, you’ve likely dealt with wrist pain. It can be debilitating, severely impacting your productivity and enjoyment. If you regularly suffer from mouse-related wrist pain, it’s worth trying one of the best mousepads with wrist support to see if it helps.

Ergonomic mousepads aren’t magic bullets, but they can help resolve some of the stresses and wrist fatigue associated with using a mouse daily. They’re definitely worth trying, especially since even the best ones are so affordable. Let’s get started.

Short on Time? The Best Ergonomic Mousepads at a Glance
  • Best Gel Mousepad Overall: MROCO Ergonomic Mousepad is a simple and effective gel mousepad that will work for almost all users.
  • Best Gel Mousepad Alternative: Kensington Duo Gel Mousepad With Wrist Rest has a unique wrist rest design that improves air circulation and reduces sweat at the risk of some discomfort.
  • Best Memory Foam Mousepad Overall: Gimars Large Memory Foam Mousepad is a no-frills mousepad with a comfortable memory foam wrist rest and slightly larger dimensions.
  • Best Memory Foam Mousepad Alternative: Soundance Ergonomic Mousepad has a unique angled design that provides extra arm support for improved overall ergonomics.

Our Favorite Mousepads With Wrist Support

1. MROCO Ergonomic Mousepad

Best Gel Mousepad Overall

MROCO’s ergonomic mousepad is in a bit of a strange place here. It’s not necessarily the best option outright, but we feel that it’s the safest, easiest recommendation for new buyers interested in a gel mousepad with wrist rest.

Part of that has to do with the price, of course. This MROCO mousepad is usually available for $10 or less, making it an ultra-affordable way to improve your mouse hand’s ergonomics. But it’s also a great choice because it doesn’t try to do anything fancy with its wrist rest or mouse surface.

MROCO Ergonomic Mousepad

Source: Newegg

There aren’t any “innovative” mouse surfaces or wrist support designs like on some pricier ergonomic mousepads. The MROCO’s plain, fabric-covered gel wrist rest and smooth surface get the basics right. The former supports your wrist and the latter provides a smooth mousing experience.

The MROCO feels like a standard mousepad, which makes it easier to get used to. It’s perfect if you want a bit more wrist support without radically changing your mousing experience. Overall, the MROCO Ergonomic mousepad is a solid, affordable buy that’s likely the best mousepad wraith wrist support for most users.

2. Kensington Duo Gel Mousepad With Wrist Rest

Best Gel Mousepad Alternative

Kensington’s Duo mousepad is one of those ergonomic mousepads that tries something different and generally succeeds. Its split wrist rest might look awkward, but it’s a great design feature if you can get used to it.

Unlike many ergonomic mousepads, the Kensington Duo has a split wrist rest with two interlocking sections. This creates a “channel” in the middle, which is both its greatest strength and biggest weakness.

The channel’s main benefit is that it encourages airflow underneath your wrist, improving comfort and hopefully reducing sweat. But there’s no getting away from the channel, which you will notice. Some users like the feeling, while others find it uncomfortable and difficult to get used to, thus negating the potential benefits of a wrist rest.

Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

Source: Kensington

Some users report that the mouse surface may not work with older optical or laser sensors. This won’t be an issue if you’re using a good-quality mouse made in the past few years. However, those with old or cheap mice will want to buy from a retailer with a good return policy in case it doesn’t work out.

It’s a great surface if it works for you, though. Perhaps not gaming-grade, but it’s smooth and easy to wipe clean when it gets dirty. The Duo is also a durable mousepad: Kensington claims it passed US Military-standard testing for durability when exposed to cleaning solvents such as alcohol. So you won’t have to worry about typical liquid spills with the Duo.

Users also report that the gel wrist rest is significantly more reliable than competing mousepads. User reviews generally indicate two or more years of constant use without any leaking or bursting of the wrist rest. So it’s a great choice if you want a mousepad that’ll endure long-term daily use.

Overall, the Kensington Duo mousepad is an excellent choice if you’re looking for one of the best ergonomic mousepads. The wrist rest is a bit unorthodox, but it has genuine benefits that may make this the mousepad for you.

3. Gimars Large Memory Foam Mousepad

Best Memory Foam Mousepad Overall

The Gimars memory foam mousepad is a basic, no-frills product that might not seem all that impressive at first glance. But like our top pick, what it lacks in eye-catching features, it makes up for with its solid command of the basics.

It’s a simple, effective ergonomic pad with wrist support that does its job perfectly. You get a smooth surface designed to work with all mouse sensors and a plush memory foam wrist rest covered in the same breathable Lycra fabric as the main mouse surface.

One standout feature of this Gimars mousepad is its extra depth. At 11 inches instead of the usual 8 inches or so, the Gimars gives you extra vertical room that can come in handy depending on your workloads or sensitivity settings.

Gimars Large Memory Foam Mousepad

Source: Newegg

Unlike some other ergonomic mousepads, the Gimars mousepad also comes in various colors and finishes. Think the standard black is a bit too boring? Maybe the Black Marble or Mandala finishes will be more up your alley. There’s even a larger (12×10-inch) RGB model that’s perfect for gamers.

The Gimars memory foam mousepad is a great mousepad if you prefer a memory foam wrist rest over a gel one. It won’t wow you with clever design choices, but it does everything you need from an ergonomic mousepad for less than $10.

4. Soundance Ergonomic Mousepad

Best Memory Foam Mousepad Alternative

Soundance’s ergonomic mousepad takes a totally different approach than most ergonomic mousepads. Instead of sticking a bit of gel or foam at the bottom of an otherwise-standard mousepad, it has a long angle designed to support your wrist and arm for increased comfort.

The Soundance mousepad looks large at 14 x 8 inches, but the actual mousing surface is probably less than half of its impressive 14-inch depth. Instead, most of it is a long 8-degree slope designed to support your wrist and arm weight.

The extra-long support ensures that your arm is at a safe and comfortable angle that puts as little strain on your wrist as possible. If you find yourself hanging your arm off the table and putting pressure on your wrist, then the Soundance mousepad is the one you need.

Soundance Ergonomic Mousepad

Source: Newegg

Unfortunately, the Soundance mousepad takes up more space on your desk than many other wrist rests. It also forces you to rest your forearm on the desk itself, which may be uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. It’s much better ergonomically than hanging your arm off your desk, but it can take some time before you’re comfortable with it.

The Soundance ergonomic mousepad isn’t for everybody: its size and unique design mean it’s a relatively niche product. But it’s a solid choice if you have the room, and doubly so if you have posture issues that a simple wrist rest won’t solve.

Before You Buy

Most ergonomic mousepads cost less than $10, so many of you likely won’t worry too much and just get one to try out anyway. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t questions and specs to consider, especially regarding the wrist rest material. First, let’s start with the basics.

Should You Buy an Ergonomic Mousepad?

Ergonomic mousepads can be incredibly useful to minimize stress on your wrist and arm, but they can’t solve all your problems in one go. A wrist rest won’t make up for poor ergonomics elsewhere, nor does it mean you can stay at your computer all day without needing breaks.

A pad with wrist support isn’t something you should use in isolation. Instead, combine it with other good ergonomic practices, such as sitting on a supportive chair and having your desk and monitor set at optimal heights. Vertical mice will also help, although many of our mousepads aren’t designed with these in mind.

Check out this Techquickie video for some great tips that are worth trying out alongside (or before) buying an ergonomic mousepad:

Ergonomic Mousepads vs. Standalone Wrist Pads

Suppose you’re sure that wrist support is the missing piece for a comfortable, ergonomic setup. In that case, the next question is whether you buy one of these mousepads with wrist supports or use a dedicated mouse wrist rest.

There’s no “best” solution here; each has its place, depending on your needs and preferences. If you want a quick and easy solution, then a mousepad with built-in wrist pad is the obvious choice. The mouse surfaces can’t compete with high-quality gaming mousepads, but that won’t be an issue if you’re just using it for office work or browsing the internet.

ergonomic mouse pad side-by-side comparison to mousepad with a standalone wrist rest

Source: Voltcave

However, a standalone wrist pad is likely the better choice if you’re a hardcore gamer who’s particular about their mouse mat. A separate wrist rest lets you keep using your existing mousepad, so your game won’t be affected.

So before committing, think about what you need from a mousepad. Are you OK with a basic, no-frills surface? Then you can get a mousepad from our list. However, if you’re used to gaming-grade mousepads, combining a standalone wrist rest with a gaming mousepad will work better for you.

Wrist Rest Material: Gel vs. Foam

There’s really only one critical decision when buying an a pad with wrist support: the wrist support material. Ergonomic mouse pads will have either gel or memory foam wrist rests. Each has strengths and weaknesses, and what’s best depends on your preferences.

Gel wrist rests feel bouncy and squishy, like a cushion. They’re great if you prefer cushioned support that doesn’t mold to your wrist. The main disadvantage of gel wrist rests is that they can puncture, allowing the gel filling to leak over time. If you opt for a gel wrist rest, check it regularly to ensure it’s still in good condition.

Uncovered gel feels sticky but generally stay cooler than memory foam. You can also buy mousepads with fabric-covered gel pads which may be more comfortable. The gel itself won’t absorb fluids, so cleaning them will usually only involve a quick wipe-down.

Gel wrist rest

The gel wrist rest on the Kensington Duo. Source: Kensington

Memory foam wrist rests contour to your wrist’s shape over time, usually offering better support at the cost of a less cushion-like feel. Unfortunately, the synthetic material absorbs body heat and tends to get warm with use, making it possibly unsuitable for hotter climates or those who sweat a lot.

Memory foam wrist rests are also slightly easier to take care of, as you won’t have to worry about the gel leaking out from a hole or puncture. However, they also tend to retain smells, especially sweat. So you’ll have to clean it regularly to keep it feeling and smelling fresh.

Memory foam wrist rest

HyperX’s combination of memory foam (white) and cool gel (blue). Source: HyperX

If budget allows, we recommend buying a few affordable mousepads of each type and trying each out for a couple of weeks. That should give you a good idea of which you prefer.

Closing Thoughts

Wrist pain is a serious issue for any computer user, and it’s worth experimenting with ways to try and reduce it. Swapping to a pad with wrist support isn’t a guaranteed solution, but the cushioning can help make your wrist feel more comfortable and reduce wrist fatigue.

If you’re new to ergonomic mousepads, we think starting with a basic, no-frills product is the best way to go. So grab either the MROCO Ergonomic Mousepad or the Gimars Large Memory Foam Mousepad, depending on whether you want a gel or memory foam wrist rest.

All the best!

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