rikosteo’s Setup

Originally built ≈ January 2020
Owner: @rikosteo
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Battlestation Breakdown

Click/tap on the image to identify parts.

Additional Photos

More Info

As a web designer and hobby photographer, rikosteo mostly uses this setup to work on his creative pursuits:

“I tried to create a cozy vibe with minimal RGB to be able to relax and work. I do a lot of photo editing and video editing so I prefer to have a natural-looking environment around me hence the wooden theme and the plants on the desk.”

That desktop wallpaper, also a photo taken by him, fits the relaxing theme perfectly.


  1. PhlimFlam

    How do you keep the desk from sliding off the legs?

    • Thao Tran

      The legs come with rubber feet that prevent the desk from sliding. Otherwise, I don’t think people usually attach the Lerberg legs to the tabletop.


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