Yolenzo’s “Portal” PC Build

Originally built ≈ April 2020
Owner: Yolenzo
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PC Build Breakdown

Click/tap on the image to identify parts.

Additional Photos

More Info

How many “portals” did you spot throughout these images? Yolenzo pays homage to the awesome puzzle game series with an expertly crafted build and artistic images.

A notable component is the custom-made vertical GPU mount that’s revealed in the Additional Photos. The custom design allows him to display the sweet RGB fans of his GPU and add another portal (case fan) to the bottom of the case.

Yolenzo is a professional PC case modder, designer, and artist. You can find out more about him on his thread on Tom’s Hardware Russia and see more of his builds on PCPartPicker.


  1. Logan

    Is that a custom bracket he made for the radiator as well?

    • Thao Tran

      Good eye! It seems the radiator is just mounted on the standard location on the NZXT H510 Elite. But he added a Cooler Master ELV8 GPU Support Brace to the side of the radiator for that extra vertical line of light.


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