5 Sites Like G2A That Don’t Suck (As Much)

Written by Azzief Khaliq
Last updated Jul 30, 2021

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Unofficial game key sites rarely have a spotless record. But between bribing journalists and selling fraudulent keys, G2A’s is downright dirty. Gray market sites like G2A can be problematic for a number of reasons, but we can’t deny they’re also where you’ll find the best deals on game keys. If you’re looking for alternatives to G2A with a better track record, you’ve come to the right place.

Sites Like G2A to Buy Games Cheap

1. Eneba

eneba game store homepage

Like G2A, Eneba is a third-party marketplace that provides a platform to connect game key sellers to bargain-hunting gamers. But it has a few intriguing features that set it apart from most of its competition.

According to the employee we interviewed during our in-depth look at the site, Eneba enforces a strict vetting process to make sure only sellers with legitimate keys make it onto their platform. While this might limit the number of seller and game options for the consumer, it also reduces the number of fraudulent keys sold on the platform.

Eneba also has official partnerships with a handful of publishers, namely Konami, CI Games, 1c Entertainment, Daedalic Entertainment, and Team17. These publishers sell game keys directly on the platform, meaning that you won’t have to worry about any fraudulent or dodgy keys for their games. And we think it’s a positive sign that game publishers are willing to partner with them.

eneba partners with game publishers

Eneba has a refund policy for physical goods but doesn’t specify a policy for digital keys. Customer reviews are generally positive, which is reassuring. However, there are still complaints about not getting refunds scattered amongst the positive reviews. We wouldn’t say it’s a deal-breaker, but it’s definitely something to be aware of.

Despite that, Eneba is our favorite third-party marketplace to buy cheap game keys. If you’re looking for a site that’s even better than G2A, Eneba should be your first stop.

2. CDKeys

cdkeys homepage

CDKeys is a long-running third-party seller of game keys. But unlike G2A, they aren’t a marketplace for outside sellers. CDKeys only sells game keys acquired by its own internal team. They claim that these keys come from their “extensive” supplier network, with keys sourced “from all corners of the globe.”

While prices on CDKeys are sometimes slightly higher than the other sites recommended here, you do get a more robust refund policy when buying from them. The site offers a clearly defined seven-day return period for any unredeemed game keys, without requiring you to purchase extra protection like on Kinguin and Gamivo.

CDKeys has a wealth of PC games and software available. You’re not restricted to PC games either, as you can also get PSN, Xbox Live, and Nintendo games and subscriptions on CDKeys.

cdkeys switch games

Cryptocurrency fans will appreciate CDKeys’ payment options. They accept all the big cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Refunds work, too, although you’ll be refunded in USD based on the currency’s value when you purchased the game.

CDKeys is an excellent option if you want a buying experience similar to authorized stores like Green Man Gaming but with prices closer to third-party sites like G2A. Just remember that all the caveats of gray market sites still apply.

3. Gamivo

gamivo home page

Gamivo is perhaps the third most well-known game key site behind G2A and Kinguin. It operates much like the other marketplaces on our list, acting as a platform for third parties to sell game keys.

Gamivo’s standout feature is a subscription service called SMART. SMART costs around €2.00 ($2.43) a month and gives you a range of perks, including exclusive discounts and deal alerts. Based on the example discounts shown on the subscription page, expect an additional 10% off the lowest prices listed by sellers. Whether 10% discounts are worth the subscription fee will depend on how often you intend to buy games on Gamivo.

Gamivo's SMART discounts

The subscription also includes the benefits of Gamivo’s Customer Protection Program, which is usually a per-purchase add-on. Gamivo’s Protection Program offers priority support and “fast mediation” between you and the seller. It also gives you a seven-day refund window for unused game keys, which helps make paying for customer protection an easier pill to swallow.

As far as G2A alternatives go, Gamivo is a decent option. Pricing is comparable and sometimes slightly lower than G2A, and selection is equally comprehensive. Gamivo’s subscription service can be a good deal, too, if you buy enough games to make the monthly fee worth it.

4. Kinguin

Kinguin home page

Kinguin is probably the most well-known third-party game store alongside G2A. If you’re familiar with G2A and how they operate, Kinguin won’t offer up any surprises. It’s the same core concept, allowing multiple sellers to register and advertise their products for sale for you to choose from.

Kinguin isn’t controversy-free, and the same fraudulent key issues that have dogged G2A are broadly applicable to Kinguin as well. Similar to Gamivo, Kinguin requires you to purchase Kinguin Buyer Protection to get “first priority” technical support and protection from fraudulent and non-working game keys.

kinguin buyer protection

We’re not fans of asking customers to pay for “buyer protection,” but we’ll leave the final decision up to you. Kinguin isn’t alone in having a paid-for buyer protection service, so we can’t criticize the site too much for it.

One neat feature about Kinguin is that it allows customer-to-customer sales for “a few keys” without needing an account. This can come in handy if you have game keys you don’t plan to redeem and want to make some money off of them.

Overall, we wouldn’t recommend Kinguin over the other sites listed here (especially Eneba). Still, its wide range of games and competitive pricing make it worth a look.

5. SCDKey

scdkey home page

Given the similar name, you won’t be surprised that SCDKey operates much like CDKeys, selling its own third-party keys instead of serving as a third-party marketplace.

Unlike CDKeys though, SCDKey focuses primarily on PC games. While there is a “PlayStation” category on the store, it’s exclusively for PlayStation Plus time cards and PlayStation Network wallet top-ups.

Game selection does seem slightly limited compared to other stores, with big hitters like Cyberpunk 2077 and the new Resident Evil Village nowhere to be seen. There are still many well-known AAA titles on the site, so you’re not necessarily deprived of choice. But omissions like Cyberpunk 2077 are undoubtedly curious.

SCDKey has a “Plus+” subscription service that gives you a range of additional perks. There are four subscription tiers, starting with a basic $1.90/week subscription up to a $74.86/year option.

scdkey subscription pricing

You get more perks the longer you subscribe, with the most expensive year-long subscription giving you access to the most bonuses. These include the “lowest price” for pre-order keys, a birthday present, and priority delivery for pre-order keys.

We’d consider SCDKey to be less appealing than CDKeys because of its inferior user experience and lack of game titles. But it’s still worth checking out if you’re bargain hunting at sites like G2A.

And the Best G2A Alternative is…

While G2A is one of the most well-known gray market sites to buy cheap games, they’re not the only shop in town. We feel most comfortable recommending Eneba and CDKeys if you’re looking for other unofficial game key sites like G2A. If you’re happy with either of those, great. If they don’t float your boat, the other stores on our list might.

But don’t be so quick to dismiss authorized resellers like Green Man Gaming and Humble Bundle either. They might not always offer as good deals as gray market sites, but their flash sales and other perks can make them worth it. Check out our article on the best Steam key sites to learn more.

Happy bargain hunting!

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