cichlid_visuals’ Setup

Originally built ≈ April 2020
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I wanted something that would be able to run all my editing software with ease, cut my export and rendering times down to the absolute minimum, but still be able to run whatever game I throw at it, all while being portable.

I have a background in commercial product photography, which requires me to shoot, then pour over literally thousands of photos at a time, then render and export thousands of them at a time, the 3950X with PCIe Gen 4 storage is insane, a project that would have normally taken me 10 or 12 hours to complete is done in 4 to 6 hours now.

It has literally cut my time working behind the screen in half, and I don’t get paid by the hour for a contract so time is literally money for me.

The monitor has 100% sRGB coverage for my photo work, and 100Hz/G-Sync compatible for a good gaming experience as well. The desk is a custom build, 74″x36″ slab of solid birch butcher block, stained it with dark walnut, sealed with wipe on poly then wet sanded and buffed it with a random orbital and classic turtle wax, bolted on some hairpin legs and cable racks and it was done.


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