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Decidence’s PC Build

Originally built ≈ February 2020
Owner: Decidence
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PC Build Breakdown

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Decidence (PC Build)
CaseMotherboardCPU & WaterblockGPU, Waterblock & BackplateRAMDistro Plate & Pressure ValveCase FansCustom CablesRadiatorRadiatorCustom CablesTubing & FittingsTubing & FittingsTubing & FittingsTubing & FittingsTubing & FittingsTubing & FittingsSSD

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More Info

You’re looking at the work of someone who’s built custom PCs for 20 years! Decidence has made his fair share of computers with air cooling, soft tubing, and even PETG, but he felt it was time to experiment with chrome-plated brass.

After a few minor setbacks, he ended up with this clean, industrial-themed machine. Learn more about this build on PCPartPicker.


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