Gman’s Setup

Originally built ≈ June 2019
Owner: Gman
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Battlestation Breakdown

Click/tap on the image to identify parts.

PC Specs

Additional Photos

More Info

Don’t leave this breakdown without exploring the additional photos. Although impressive, the single picture of the desk setup doesn’t do this room justice.

From the room-spanning nanoleaf to the black-on-black pull down bed and grey wood floors, this is what it’d look like if Interior Design Magazine and r/battlestations had a baby.


  1. AQ

    Hey, cool setup but I’m so so curious about the black textured wallpaper where your bed is. Which wallpaper is that??

    • Voltcave

      Hey AQ. The owner mentioned they were leather panels he picked to match with his leather keyboard and mouse. We’ll try to track down a product link.

      • AQ

        Please do!! If you can send it to me via e-mail or even on here.


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