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MA Modified’s Desk PC Build

Originally built ≈ May 2020
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If you’re wondering whether you can purchase this awesome desk PC case, you can’t. Or at least it won’t be easy. It’s a one-of-a-kind DIY by MA Modified.

Here’s what he wanted to share about his first-time carpentry project:

“No matter how impossible a task may seem in the short run, if you are passionate enough about it, anything is possible, just never give up. It’s the one and only reason I made it over the finish line for my exam. I worked day and night literally.

When I started this endeavor I only had an idea, no skill, no plans, no nothing. I divided the work into chunks and kept grinding at it till I was done.”

Along with the motivating words, he also wanted to let us know a Version 2.0 was on its way! Follow him on YouTube and Facebook to keep up.


  1. Dave

    This is great! You have amazing skills. You should try to build a server desk. I think the can really catch on! Please try one!!!!!!!!!!!! -B

  2. GuruPrasaath Manirajan

    Just Damn


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