The 8 Best Headphone Stands for Your Desk Setup

Written by Thao Tran
Last updated Apr 1, 2021

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headphone and wooden omega stand

Let’s be real. Headphone stands are mostly for show. You can store your headphones fine without one. But with one, you can put your expensive gaming headset on a literal pedestal. With that said, it’s important that a headphone stand does its other job well too: holding your headphones without damaging them. We assessed over 30 products on their looks, functionality, quality, and value to find the best headphone stands available today.

The Woo Audio HPS-R and Bluelounge Posto are great options if you’re searching for a standard headphone stand. But there are many different ways to hang your headphones and our list covers our favorite products of each type.

Our Picks for Best Headphone Stand

Best Headphone Stand Overall: Woo Audio HPS-R

The Woo Audio HPS-R hit all our requirements. It has a wide, curved bridge that allows your headset to rest gently, putting minimal stress on its headband. Its adjustable arm accommodates even the largest audiophile headphones, and it has a heavy base to make sure not moving anywhere.

Maybe most importantly, it’s a thing of beauty. Its aluminum finish and construction scream quality, but that is reflected in its premium price ($99 at the time of this writing). You can get it in matte black, silver, or gold.

Best Budget Headphone Stand: Bluelounge Posto

The Bluelounge Posto is our budget pick for best overall largely because it doesn’t look like a “budget pick”. Many headphone holders in the budget price range ($10-$30) suffer from ugly logos, blemished finishes, and flimsy plastics.

That’s not the case with the Posto. Its sturdy pieces come together to make an elegant, minimalistic base for your headset. The most common complaint we saw was its lightweight base. Be mindful when you’re placing or removing your headphones or else you’ll knock the whole thing over.

Best RGB Headphone Stand: Razer Base Station V2

When it comes to RGB headphone stands from major brands, you essentially have four options: Corsair’s ST100, Razer’s Base Station Chroma (V1 & V2), and the ASUS ROG Throne Qi — and all of their tech stacks up pretty evenly.

Each product has two USB 3.1 ports, a 3.5 mm audio passthrough, and a ring of RGB lights in its base. The ASUS ROG Throne Qi uniquely has Qi wireless charging as its namesake suggests, but costs more than twice the other options. We don’t think wireless charging is worth that much so that took the ROG Throne Qi out of the running.

Between the Corsair’s and Razer’s headphone stand offerings, we initially gave the upper hand to Corsair for its build quality and design until Razer’s Base Station V2 Chroma came out. The Base Station V2 Chroma’s new matte aluminum finish, minimalistic design, and flat rubber headphone rest make it a more functional and sleek accessory than its competitors.

Best Wooden Headphone Stand: Sieveking Omega

The German-made Sieveking Sound Omega’s quality and reputation is unmatched, but so is its price. Locked in with that ~$180 price tag is the peace of mind that you’ll get exactly what you paid for. We’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews of the product’s woodwork and material quality. The Sieveking Sound Omega comes in a variety of wood finishes including maple, walnut, cherry, zebrano, and more.

Best Double Headphone Stand: Woo Audio HPS-T

Since we loved the Woo Audio HPS-R so much, it’s only fair their slightly modified double headphone version won our favor too. The HPS-T offers all the benefits of the HPS-R with an altered design. Its telescoping arm is centered on its base to allow room for a larger headset rest on top. We actually think this design looks better overall but isn’t practical for only holding one set of headphones.

Best Budget Double Headphone Option: Jokitech

Although the Jokitech’s headset rest is narrow and has hard edges which might pose a concern pressing up against your headphones over time, it also has leather pads to soften the contact. Other budget double headphone holders looked much less forgiving and also weren’t as pretty.

The Jokitech has an aluminum body with a metallic finish around its base. We think it looks great for its price and is available in a variety of different colors including black, silver, space grey, gold, and rose gold.

Best Headphone Hanger: Elevation Lab The Anchor

If you don’t want your headphones taking up desktop real estate, consider a headphone hanger. The Anchor is a solid piece of silicone that mounts underneath your desk via a powerful 3M adhesive. Its soft silicone body and curved rest will surely be gentle on your headphones.

There were many other headphone hanger options with additional features but we found them to be unnecessary. If you wish to save space and hang your headsets away from view, The Anchor will do so neatly and reliably. Just make sure you find the perfect place to mount it. The adhesive is super strong.

Honorable Mention: NZXT Puck

For those of you who don’t wish to take up desktop real estate but still want to put your headphones on display, try out the ingenious NZXT Puck. The Puck is a silicone headphone mount with a magnet backing that can attach to metal surfaces on your PC case. It has a built-in cable management channel and can split in half to extend if you need more cable room.

This Puck didn’t really fit in under any of our other product categories but we thought it was too cool to leave off our list. At around $25, it’s very affordable too.

What to Look For in a Headphone Stand

We used the following four criteria to judge the plethora of headphone holders out there in the market.


Since headphone stands are mostly for show, an initial eye test can help you eliminate many products right off the bat. Many lower-end products had ugly branding, overly noticeable logos, and outdated designs.


At the very least, headphone stands should be able to carry headphones without damaging them. Good stands have a wide supportive rest that distributes the pressure on your headphone’s headband. Badly designed stands had sharp edges that would imprint and damage the headband over time.

We also looked for headphone stands with a heavy and stable base that would lessen the chance of you accidentally knocking it over. Many budget headphone stands had small lightweight bases we wouldn’t trust ourselves with.

Material Quality

As with most physical products, a high-quality headphone stand will have a high-quality finish. Cheaper headphone stands tended to be made from flimsy plastics or glossy fake woods. Aside from its feel and materials, you’ll also want to scrutinize how it’s constructed. If all of its individual parts fit together seamlessly, there’s a good chance it’s quality.


We, of course, also factored in price when evaluating the headphone stands for our guide. Usually, if a product has a great design, functions well, and is made with high-quality materials, it’s expensive too. But some headphone stands checked all our boxes and costed a lot less than others. Those ones won the value battle.

We Made It Y’all

An IKEA toilet roll holder mounted under a desk

Believe it or not, we were using banana stands and toilet paper rolls to hold our headsets not too long ago. We’ve come a long way. Hopefully, this article helped you find a new stylish home for your headphones. Please let us know in the comments below if there were any products we missed.

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