11 Gaming Room Lights for a Better Gaming Experience

Written by Devansh Kamdar
Last updated Sep 15, 2022

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L-shaped desk with dual monitors

Does your gaming space feel a bit lifeless? If so, cool gaming room lights may be the missing piece. Depending on what vibe you’re going for, you could add a minimalistic table lamp or colorful wall LED lights that dance and react to music. Our list covers a wide variety of well-received and interesting products that can enhance your gaming experience. Let’s get into it and find out which one will work for you!

1. Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition

TypeSmart RGB Wall Light Panel
Smart Home CompatibilityYes
Lumens100 (per panel)
Warranty2 Year

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition light panels are a staple in the PC gaming community for a reason: they offer a combination of unmatched customizability, strong software functionality, and an eye-catching aesthetic that isn’t over the top. Though it might seem like everyone has one, the design possibilities are plentiful as each triangular panel can be arranged to create any configuration you want.

Apart from aesthetics, Nanoleaf light panels also offer great software support. Using the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app, you can set the color and behavior of each individual panel based on hundreds of preset themes or create your own. A built-in microphone allows the light panels to listen and “dance” to nearby audio.

Mounting Nanoleaf light panels is as simple as choosing your configuration and then using the included double-sided tape to attach them to your wall. Nanoleaf provides stencils in the box to plan out placement and cable management.

With only 100 lumens per panel, the Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition light panels work best as ambient lighting. So, these are optimal when you already have proper lighting in place and are looking to add some accents and personality to your gaming room.

2. LIFX Beam Wall Lights

LIFX Beam Seamless Light Module
$123.99 ($20.66 / Count)
04/10/2024 08:21 pm GMT

TypeSmart RGB Wall Tube Light
Smart Home CompatibilityYes
Lumens1200 (per Beam)
Warranty2 Year

If you love the vibrancy and customizability of the Nanoleaf Rhythm light panels but want a more minimalistic form factor, look no further than the LIFX Beam. Each individual beam is about 12 inches long, includes 10 addressable RGB zones, and arrives in a set of six in the standard kit.

When it comes to the configuration, you have the option of linking several of them together in any shape you want. An L-shaped configuration is demonstrated in the image below, but you can go for a square shape or just stick with a straight line if you prefer.

When placed tastefully along with the rest of your gaming room, we think it looks absolutely stunning from every angle. Each individual beam can max out at over 1200 lumens, which is more than enough to add vibrancy and color to your gaming room.

These hardware features are also backed by great software support. Using the LIFX app, you can spend hours changing the design however you want based on different themes, lighting modes, and brightness levels. There’s also voice control for hands-free access.

If you can overlook the high price tag, the LIFX Beam can be a great gaming room light to accentuate your gaming space. We think its vibrant lighting effects, unique angular design options, and strong software support make it worth considering.

3. Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus
$72.17 ($12.03 / Foot)
04/10/2024 08:05 am GMT

TypeSmart RGB Strip
Smart Home CompatibilityYes (Hue Bridge required)
Warranty2 Year

If you value simplicity, an RGB light strip is probably the most straightforward way to add ambient lighting to your gaming room. And the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus is one of the best products for the job. You get a 6 ft strip in the base kit and can also purchase 3 ft extensions as necessary.

With up to 1600 lumens, it has enough power to be the sole light source for your entire setup. However, the Lightstrip Plus is meant for indirect lighting. Most users mount it behind or underneath their desks for a softer lighting effect. When placed in direct vision, we recommend placing it inside a track diffuser so that the light spreads out evenly.

RGB Flamingo

Source: u/flmngo_87

One area where the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus excels compared to other RGB LED strips is that in addition to the full RGB color gamut, it also offers accurate and adjustable white lighting. This is perfect if your gaming room also serves as your home office, as you may or may not want a rainbow light show going on during your Zoom meetings. You get full lighting control for the Lightstrip Plus via the Philips Hue Bluetooth app, although purchasing and pairing with the Hue Bridge is necessary to unlock smart home compatibility.

If you’re looking to add color to your gaming room without breaking the bank, the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus is an easy recommendation. It’s versatile, plenty bright, and supported by the powerful Philips Hue ecosystem.

4. GLW RGB Flood Lights

04/09/2024 01:09 am GMT

TypeRGB Flood Light
Smart Home CompatibilityNo
Lumens3600 (per unit)
ColorRGB (16 colors)
Warranty1.5 Year

If you have a larger game room to illuminate and can’t be bothered to run long lines of LED strips, the GLW RGB Flood Lights are an easy solution. With over 3600 lumens per light (two included per box), they’re insanely bright and more than enough to bring color to your entire gaming room.

These flood lights are best used as indirect lighting. When placed correctly, entire walls can be filled with vibrant color as seen in the example below, where two flood lights are installed behind the TV along with RGB strips on the ceiling.

GLW Flood Lighting

Source: u/nugatp

Unfortunately, these don’t have smart home functionality. Instead, you’re simply given a good ol’ remote controller with 16 colors to choose from, four different lighting modes, and brightness control. These lights also remember their settings from their last session when switched off, so you don’t have to configure them each time.

GLW’s RGB Flood Lights don’t give you smart home functionality or have robust software support compared to some of our other picks, but they’re your best bet if you have a huge gaming room to light up. Also, lucky you!

5. EncaLife Galaxy Projector

TypeRGB Wall and Ceiling Projector
Smart Home CompatibilityYes
Warranty1 Year

If you want to bring interstellar vibes to your setup, the EncaLife Galaxy Projector is one of the best gaming room lights for the job. It fills your walls and ceiling with fascinating spotlights that resemble nebula clouds in a faraway galaxy.

Using its companion SmartLife app, you can control the color and brightness of the clouds, stars, and the speed at which it all drifts across your ceiling. It also has smart home functionality which allows you to combine it with music and other lighting for a truly immersive gaming experience.

EncaLife Galaxy Projector reflected on ceiling

Source: Voltcave

The projector has a minimal design and is compact enough to fit under your desk or beside a cupboard. It has four different angles it can sit at allowing you to point it either directly at your ceiling, walls, or a combination of the two. We found it to look clearest and most impressive pointed straight up into the ceiling.

Encalife markets its Galaxy Projector for use in the bedroom as a way to soothe yourself to sleep. But we think it works even better to create an immersive experience for gaming.

6. Philips Hue Play Light Bars

Philips Hue Play Light Bars
$124.50 ($62.25 / Count)

Note: Additional Philips Hue Bridge required for full functionality.

04/09/2024 06:25 am GMT

TypeSmart RGB Bar
Smart Home CompatibilityYes (Hue Bridge Required)
Lumens530 (per bar)
Warranty2 Year

The Philips Hue Play light bars are a versatile lighting solution that can do a little bit of everything. Each light bar is 10 inches long and can sit independently as table lamps or attach to the back of your monitor or TV as bias lighting. It offers a full and accurate RGB color gamut as well as adjustable white lighting.

Whether you need to use them as a table lamp or bias lighting, the installation process is simple. The plastic brackets provided in the box allow each Play bar to stand either horizontally or vertically. An Allen key is also provided along with some screws and circular 3M double-sided adhesive tapes for secure mounting as bias lighting.

One of the drawbacks of the Philips Hue Play light bars is that it requires the pricey Hue Bridge for full functionality and control. But if you have one, you get all the smart features you can ask for including voice control, automatic timers, routines, and our personal favorite: syncing with on-screen content.

Source: Voltcave

If you’re willing to front the costs of this product along with a Philips Hue Bridge, we think you’ll have a lot of fun with it in your gaming room. The investment makes even more sense if you already have other items in the Philips Hue ecosystem. To learn more about the Philips Hue Play light bars, read our in-depth review after a year of use.

7. Cololight Hexagon Table Lamp

Cololight Hexagon LED Smart Lamp
$39.99 ($13.33 / Count)
04/10/2024 06:02 am GMT

TypeSmart RGB Desk Lamp
Smart Home CompatibilityYes
Lumens10 (per panel)
Warranty3 Month

In contrast to the many larger and brighter smart lights on our list, the Cololight Hexagon is maybe best categorized as table decor rather than a table lamp. It only has 10 lumens of brightness per panel, but what it lacks in brightness, it makes up for in price, functionality, and customizability.

Each hexagon panel has 19 RGB LEDs, and the unit is small enough to be powered directly via a USB cable rather than an external power source. You have the option of buying a kit with from three to up to 12 hexagon panels, and individual panels are also sold separately for expansion.

You can use the included gray base to place all the individual Hexagon lights in any configuration you want and interchange them later on as needed. A single button on its base allows you to switch it on and choose from different lighting presets. The Cololight app enables further customization options including compatibility with smart home devices.

The Cololight Hexagon isn’t as substantial or eye-catching as Nanoleaf light panels, but it offers a similar level of functionality, customizability, and fun geometric shapes at a much lower price. They also look great together, so why not get both?

8. Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp

TypeSmart RGB Desk Lamp
Smart Home CompatibilityYes
Warranty2 Year

The Govee Aura is a cylindrical table lamp packed with functionality. In addition to its smooth color gradient lighting effects, it has dedicated LEDs for proper white lighting and warmer color temperatures, a full-featured companion app, and the ability to sync with music. We like the Aura as a portable lighting solution that can fit in anywhere in your house.

Its unique design and build quality are what stands out most to us. The cylindrical shape allows for 360 degrees of customizable LED lights. It has an anti-slip base to ensure that it stays planted on your desk and four physical buttons on the top of the device for when you don’t want to fiddle around with a mobile app.

RGB Led Lamp

Source: u/rileyweis

If customization is the name of the game for you, the Govee Smart Lamp won’t disappoint. Using the Govee Home app, you get to choose from over 30 preset lighting effects and four unique music modes. The app also enables compatibility with smart home devices.
We think Govee Smart Lamp is a great option for any gaming room. Its 360-degree light panel design is unlike most other RGB lighting products, and we consider it a very complete product overall.

9. Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp

04/10/2024 02:16 am GMT

TypeNon-RGB Desk Lamp
Smart Home CompatibilityNo
Warranty1 Month

If you’re not a huge fan of garish lighting products, how about one that’s designed to be dim and soothing? As the name implies, a Himalayan Salt Lamp’s outer frame is made from salt crystals. Unlit, its natural rough surface looks slightly pinkish. But when switched on, it produces a warm orange glow that can make any desk look more inviting.

Unlike the other game room lighting products on our list that have their own mobile apps and smart home compatibility, a Himilayan Salt Lamp is more of a set-it-and-forget-it solution. All you have to do is place it on your desk and plug the included cable into the nearest wall outlet, and you’re good to go. Unless you use a smart switch, that’s all the control you get.

RGB Flamingo

Source: u/MrMrFright

But don’t let its lack of features fool you. A Himalayan salt lamp is great for anyone going for a more minimalistic or professional-looking setup. It also adds a warmer, cozier feeling to your gaming room as a whole.

10. Corsair iCUE LT100

TypeSmart RGB Tower Lamp
Smart Home CompatibilityNo
Lumens1600 (per tower)
Warranty2 Year

The Corsair iCUE LT100 is a set of two tower lights that give off a vibrant and diffused glow. They work great as an ambient light source and bias lighting for computer screens. Because of its similar form factor, we consider it a great cost-effective alternative to the Philips Hue Play light bars. It has a lower starting price and does not require the additional purchase of a lighting hub to unlock its full functionality.

Unlike the Philips Hue Play however, the Corsair LT100 can only stand in a single upright position and isn’t designed to mount behind a screen. Nevertheless, we think it does an even better job than the Hue Play at providing soft bias lighting. A headset holder attachment is also included which we find interesting.

The LT100 runs on Corsair’s robust iCUE lighting software, which allows you to choose from a multitude of unique lighting presets in addition to creating your own. It also allows for effortless synchronization in between other iCUE-compatible Corsair products, making the LT100 a great choice if you already own other Corsair products. Unfortunately, it offers no straightforward way to work with smart home devices.

If you can appreciate its unique look and somewhat limited versatility compared to the Philips Hue Play, the Corsair LT100 is a great gaming room lighting product at a great price. It’s a perfect addition to your setup if you already use other Corsair peripherals and need additional ambient lighting.

11. Govee Lyra Floor Lamp

TypeSmart RGB Corner Floor Lamp
Smart Home CompatibilityYes
Warranty2 Year

We’ve covered various wall and desk lights, but if you want to add a floor-standing RGB lighting unit to your gaming room, the Govee Lyra floor lamp is a great option. It’s a slim LED light that stands at over 5-feet-tall and has 1500 lumens of brightness. We think it looks great as an accent piece that provides some additional ambient lighting for your gaming room.

In addition toa full RGB color gamut, it also offers adjustable white lighting from 2200 to 6500 K in color temperature. It’s capable of producing smooth color gradients from its eight individually addressable RGB zones in both warm and cool tones.

Some assembly is required. The aluminum alloy pole holding the RGB light is divided into three sections which need to be assembled, connected to the light strip, and screwed to the base unit.

It connects directly to your WiFi, giving you full control of it via the Govee Home app and compatible smart home devices. Alternatively, you can also just use its included RF remote controller. A magnetic mount is also provided for the remote so you can leave it attached to the tower lamp.

Its base unit is made out of a weighted plastic, although many users warn against trying to push it too much. Additionally, due to the small surface area of the base, it’s ideal to place it on a hard floor rather than a carpet to make sure that it stays fully upright.

The Govee Lyra is an intriguing albeit costly RGB floor lamp to add to your gaming room. While it doesn’t offer much light relative to its size, we think its unique design earns it a spot in our list. If you can stomach the price, we think it’ll make an excellent addition to any style room.

Closing Thoughts

Interior design is no easy task, especially if you’re just a gamer who wants a nice-looking gaming setup. Fortunately, adding just one of the gaming room lights on our list can go a long way in elevating the ambiance of your room.

For even more suggestions, check out our mega-lists of gaming room ideas and gaming desk accessories.

Happy hunting!

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