30 Gaming Room Ideas and Accessories to Transform Your Space

Written by Daniel Mou
Last updated Sep 15, 2022

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Gaming rooms can be fun and personal spaces full of quirky touches and interesting decor choices. While many believe that the gamer aesthetic is about lots of RGB lights and geometric shapes, you can also create beautifully tranquil gaming rooms with a natural feel by using plants and wooden furniture. So to give you an idea of what’s possible, here are 30 gaming room ideas and accessories that could transform your personal gaming space.

A Nature-Inspired Gaming Room With an Earthy Palette

This nature-inspired gaming room has a peaceful vibe thanks to the earthy colors and abundance of plants. If you’re looking to create a relaxed gaming room, here are some accessories that will help you achieve this tranquil look.

cichlid_visuals gaming setup

Featured Setup by cichlid_visuals

1. Wooden Desk Top

A wooden desktop is essential game room furniture if you want to pull off this nature-inspired look. It forms the basis of your gaming room decor because it’s often the focal point of any game room setup. This TOPSKY 59″ Big Large Computer Office Desk isn’t the same top used in this image, but it’s really close and achieves the same effect. If you want to create a more rustic feel in your gaming room, you could try using a suitably-sized piece of wood and fashion it into a desk with some DIY tools and skills.

2. Bamboo Monitor Riser

Another essential piece here is the monitor riser. This Oasis Solid Bamboo Riser is a great addition that adds extra desk space and helps lift your monitors. They’ve opted to use a monitor arm in this particular setup, but the riser offers similar benefits and gives you some extra desk space.

3. Various Potted Plants

It wouldn’t be a nature-inspired build without a couple of plants. While you could pot some garden plants as a quick solution, we suggest getting artificial plants to add to your gaming setup. Artificial plants add a splash of green to your gaming room without needing any maintenance. This 4 Pack of Artificial Plants by CEWOR is a great choice because you get a variety of plants to decorate your gaming space.

cichlid_visuals gaming setup

Featured Setup by cichlid_visuals

4. Wooden Speaker Stands

Adding wooden accents is the secret to creating a nature-inspired build without much effort. This pair of Technical Pro 8 Studio Monitor Bookshelf stands has a darker shade than the other items listed. However, it still matches the earthy palette we’re looking for to create a nature-inspired gaming room setup.

5. Wooden Keyboard Rest

Lastly, we’re finishing this section with the Meatanty Wooden Keyboard Wrist Rest. Wooden keyboard rests can look amazing when paired with a keyboard that has a similar color palette. You could even get a wooden keyboard to further add to the theme, but they’re relatively uncommon and might not be the sort of modern peripheral common in a gaming room. This makes a wooden keyboard rest a good way to add a nature-inspired touch to your peripheral setup.

An Ultra Minimalistic Gamer Room With Neutral Colors

Minimalistic gaming room setup ideas aren’t uncommon, but we’ve chosen to highlight this one because it’s really clean and makes fantastic use of neutral colors.

Gman gaming setup

Featured Setup by Gman

6. Customizable Wall Lights

The Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit is a staple ambient lighting accessory that you’ll see in many gaming room setups. It has a geometric shape that suits most gaming space aesthetics, but you can also tile it to create unique shapes and patterns. This makes it a flexible lighting piece for any minimalistic gaming room with a focus on neutral colors.

7. Adjustable Standing Desk

An essential element of this game room is the UPLIFT V2 Ergo-Edge Curve table in white. It’s big, a neutral color, and has plenty of space for your gaming peripherals. Aesthetic aside, a standing desk like the UPLIFT is an excellent choice for long gaming sessions as it promotes movement and might improve your posture. Curious? We have an article on gaming standing up that you might be interested in reading if you’re curious about trying it.

Gman gaming setup

Featured Setup by Gman

8. White Storage Cabinet

Game room ideas can get a little wild, but we shouldn’t forget simple and practical additions such as a white storage cabinet. This South Shore Accent Cabinet is close to the cabinet used in Gman’s setup if you’re after something similar. However, any cabinet or storage piece works as long as it’s a neutral color and has enough room to store your belongings.

9. Wall-mounted Hex Shelves

Matching geometric decor elements is one of the classic gaming room ideas you can use to enhance an entire room. These AHDECOR Wall Mounted Hexagon Floating Shelves pair well with the Nanoleaf lights mentioned above, making for a simple yet effective combination that works great for a minimalistic game room setup. Pick a neutral color such as black or white to make it feel even more modern and slick.

10. Cable Management Kit

A hallmark of minimalistic game room design is clean cable management. This 152-piece Cord Management Organizer Kit comes with everything from adhesive ties to sleeves to help you cut down on cable clutter. While it can seem like a hassle to manage your cables, the clean result is well worth it and a must for a minimalistic gaming room setup. Not sure where to start with cable management? Check out our 5-step guide on desk cable management that will run you through the basics.

A Cool Gaming Room With Blue Tones and Diffused Lighting

This cool gaming room with a blue focus and diffused ambient lighting is probably closer to what you might envision when you see the words “game room.” Here are some accessories to consider if you want to create something similar.

fluxgamess gaming setup

Featured Setup by fluxgamess

11. Unique Wallpaper Texture

The brick wallpaper on one of the walls is one of the more eye-catching parts of fluxgamess’ setup. It adds an extra layer of visual interest to their gaming room. If you’re after a similar brick texture, check out Brewster’s FD31284 Rustic Brick Wallpaper, as it’s affordable and easy to install. You can, of course, go for a different pattern depending on your preferences.

12. Hexagon RGB Lights

These Cololight Pro Hexagon RGB Lights are a fantastic addition or alternative to the Nanoleaf lights common in gamer rooms. They’re a lot smaller, but they’re also much cheaper and are an easy and affordable way to add more color to your desk.

Yescom 10 Pack WiFi Smart LED Light Kit

Featured Setup by fluxgamess

13. Funko Pops

Funko Pops aren’t for everyone, but they’re a great choice if you love collecting gaming merchandise and displaying it as decor. They’re inexpensive and easy to showcase in a gaming-focused room, so they’re an easy way to add some flair to your room. Grab one of their collaborations with popular games like this Borderlands 3 Claptrap Funko Pop for instant gamer cred.

14. Playstation Gaming Lights

Adding lots of lights to your setup is a great way to build a modern gaming aesthetic, and this Paladone Playstation Icons Light accessory is a fantastic little gem that we had to include. We feel it’s a beautiful addition for any PlayStation fan and works in any gaming room or setup.

15. RGB Light Strips

Many users use RGB light strips like these DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights to create diffuse lighting. Hiding RGB strips behind objects such as your desktop or TV creates a softer, more atmospheric glow than a lightbulb’s bright and harsh light. If that’s not an option, you can also get a diffused ambient lighting look by running your RGB strips through a plastic diffuser channel instead.

A Classy Gaming Room With Zero RGB

The past couple of game room setups have been relatively modern, with RGB lighting and cool colors. But that’s not the only way to go: this elegant gaming room eschews RGB for a cozy, warm, and inviting look.

Pneub gaming setup

Featured Setup by Pneub

16. Industrial Wooden Table Lamp

While not quite the same as the ones in Pneub’s setup, this Industrial Wooden Table Lamp is a close alternative that costs a fraction of the price. The exposed bulb design gives it a steampunk vibe that helps it fit with the rest of the gaming room. Install a warm bulb for a perfectly relaxed atmosphere.

17. Autumn Canvas Painting

There are lots of autumn colors in the setup pictured above, which is part of why Pneub’s gaming room feels so classy. One of the best ways to bring that autumn feeling into your game room is with a painting like this Boieesen oil painting. It’s not the only option available, but we think it’s a great, affordable way of echoing warm colors from the rest of your furniture..

18. Leather Footrest

Most of us know the importance of a comfortable office or gaming chair. However, many tend to forget that a footrest can be just as crucial for resting your feet comfortably. A leather footrest like the one in the photo complements the classy theme of this setup perfectly. They can get pricey, but this Moroccan Ottoman Leather Pouffe from Etsy is an affordable option we’d highly recommend for a gaming room like this. Grab your controller, put your feet up, and play in style and comfort.

19. Wooden Pipe Desk

This Industrial Pipe Desk might seem like any ordinary bit of game room furniture at first glance, but its steel pipe legs and massive desk top make it unique. The polished wood helps to reflect some of the warm light from the nearby bulbs and provides plenty of space to put items on your desk, whether decorative (lights) or functional (studio monitor speakers).

20. Vintage Medallion Rug

SAFAVIEH Monaco Collection
$165.11 ($2.06 / Sq Ft)
04/09/2024 10:10 am GMT

The vintage medallion rug is perhaps the star of this gaming room, giving it an old yet sophisticated feel that sets it apart from the other options on this list. There’s really no wrong choice here; just pick what you feel fits your room the best or whatever design catches your eye. A rug from this SAFAVIEH Monaco Collection could be a great pick. It’ll really tie the entire room together.

A Neon Gaming Room Setup With Everything You Could Wish For

We’ve saved this bright and colorful neon gaming room for last because it’s an awesome gaming room setup that cranks everything up to eleven. There are a lot of custom-made and high-end items in this setup, so we’ve done our best to provide some accessible alternatives.

chroman gaming setup

Featured Setup by chroman

21. Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The lounge chair and ottoman combo used here is the classic Eames Lounge Chair, which is prohibitively expensive. This Mcombo Swiveling Recliner Chair from Amazon is a much cheaper alternative that looks similar and would be a great fit for playing consoles like in this setup. But really, any lounge chair works as long as it’s comfortable. You can even replace it with a comfortable sofa if you regularly game with other people.

22. Floorstanding Loudspeakers

A cinematic gaming setup should be complemented by an amazing sound system. The large white loudspeakers that flank chroman’s television are the Sopra N°2, a high-end consumer sound system. But at an eye-watering $13,999 for a pair, we thought it’d be best to include some more affordable alternatives.

If you’re interested in floorstanding loudspeakers, you’ll likely have to go for a passive pair like the KEF Q750. You’ll need to pair them with a suitable amplifier, which is arguably a bit of a hassle, but we believe that this lets you really tweak your sound system to your preferences. This is a deep rabbit hole, so we recommend you take some time and research the best speaker and amplifier combos within your budget.

23. Custom NES Table

One of the coolest additions to this room is the custom NES coffee table, a fantastic homage to one of the most iconic game consoles ever made. Unfortunately, it’s a custom piece of furniture that you can’t just purchase from Amazon. This Custom Painted NES Nintendo Controller Coffee Table from Etsy is a close alternative, but you could also speak with a furniture designer or contractor if you want specific dimensions or a glass top like the one in the setup photo.

24. Soft White Rug

Keep your feet nice and warm with this SAFAVIEH California Premium Shag Collection Rug. It’s soft and big, and doubles as a comfortable mat for you to sit on as well. Rugs like this take a little bit of maintenance to keep them looking pristine, but it’s well worth it for the added comfort. A simple white rug like this is perfectly fine for a colorful room with lots of lights, but you could always go for something with a gaming design like this Controller Gamepad Carpet instead.

25. Home Theater Projector

In addition to the large television in this setup, chroman also has a high-end projector in their setup for cinematic gaming and movies. Most low- or mid-range projectors aren’t suited for gaming, so you’ll have to go for a higher-end unit if you want to emulate their setup. A high-end projector like this Sony VW325ES 4K HDR Home Theater Projector would be an excellent choice here. It offers excellent picture quality, framerate support, and brightness, and is similar to the projector that chroman uses. It’s not the only option available, though, so shop around for one that offers great picture quality and low response times.

chroman gaming setup

Featured Setup by chroman

26. Glass Cabinet

Glass cabinets are fantastic for displaying your gaming merchandise and prized possessions. In the pictures above, we can see that chroman has gaming equipment and a sweet pair of Nike MAGs, but you can show off whatever you feel fits your gaming room. This Modern 4-Tier Shelf Glass Display Cabinet is a great option, but any kind of glass cabinet will work.

27. Projector Screen

You need a flat, clean surface to project your games and movies onto, and the best way to get that is with a projector screen like this 135-inch Elite Screens Starling. Choosing a screen is a balancing act between your projector, room size, and how much space you have. So, unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It takes a bit of research, but the results will be well worth it.

28. Retro Console Setup

Chroman has a small retro gaming setup, complete with a CRT television, tucked away to the right of his primary TV. A retro corner like this can be a wonderful homage to your favorite video games and game consoles growing up. You can aim for authenticity by purchasing the original consoles from marketplaces like eBay or taking simpler routes via official mini versions such as the Nintendo NES Classic or a Raspberry Pi-based emulator setup.

29. Globe Mood Lamp

Chroman has a Mr.Go LED Glowing Ball Light behind his ultrawide monitor. This is a simple yet effective little accessory that adds to the bright neon aesthetic of the room. It’s an affordable item for virtually any setup, so we highly recommend it for a bit of mood lighting.

30. Acoustic Panels

You probably noticed those large panels on chroman’s walls, next to the television. These acoustic panels reduce reverberation and echo in your room, providing a cleaner, more enjoyable listening experience. These aren’t necessary, but they are helpful additions if you plan to use high-end speakers in a large or reverberant gaming room. Many options are available, but these BUBOS Art Acoustic Panels will do a perfect job while looking great.

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