The 6 Best L-Shaped Gaming Desks in 2022

Written by Azzief Khaliq
Last updated May 27, 2022

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best l-shaped gaming desks

The rise of multi-monitor setups, mixed-use computing, and working from home means that many gamers end up needing more space than a standard desk can provide. Sure, you could just get a longer desk, but why not look into one of the best L-shaped gaming desks instead?

The best L-shaped gaming desk will fit perfectly in the corner of your room and let you arrange your setup around you. It’s an excellent way to maximize space in your gaming room or office and ensure everything you need is within reach. But let’s not waste any more time here and get straight to our picks.

The Best L-Shaped Gaming Desks

1. Bestier L-Shaped Desk With RGB

Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk With RGB

Width x Depth55.2 x 55.2 inches
Height36 inches

What makes an L-shaped desk a great gaming desk? RGB, of course. So, if you’re looking for a great L-shaped gaming desk with LED lights, check out this RGB desk from Bestier.

This Bestier desk is a three-piece desk with two horizontal tabletops (55.2 inches wide each) connected by a curved central piece to form an L shape. The desk surface is particle board and supported by a metal frame.

The desk’s party piece, the included RGB LED light strip, comes pre-installed below the “ergonomic” monitor shelf. This strip has 20 built-in modes and can display seven colors, and is attached to the shelf with adhesive tape and metal buckles.

Bestier L-shaped desk with RGB

Source: Bestier

RGB isn’t the only gamer-friendly feature on this desk, though. The desk also comes with drink and headphone holders, which can be attached to either end of the desk. Both are welcome touches that should help keep your desk clean and your gamer juice of choice well away from your gaming peripherals.

The Bestier L-Shaped RGB desk comes in a few different color schemes. You have conventional black carbon fiber and Grey Oak finishes, but gamers might appreciate the red/black color scheme with black tabletops and red metal legs.

Overall, the Bestier L-Shaped RGB desk is a solid starting point for an RGB-intensive gaming L-desk. The monitor shelf and extra holders are a nice touch that makes this worth looking into even if you’re not going for a full-on RGB setup.

2. iMovR Lander L-Desk

Premium Three-Legged Sit/Stand Desk

Width x Depth65 x 65 inches up to 89 x 89 inches
Height24.5 - 50.5 inches
Maximum Weight540 pounds

If you’re after the best of the best for your L-shaped gaming setup, the iMovR Lander L-Desk has to be your first option. It’s definitely a “money no object” pick, but we think the overall package justifies the price.

The L-Desk is a three-legged, three-motor height-adjustable desk that supports up to 540 pounds and has a height range of 24.5 to 50.5 inches. There’s an included hand controller, as expected, but with a twist: the Lander L-Desk’s controller can sync to your smartphone via Bluetooth, letting you save presets, set reminders to switch positions, and more.

There’s more to like about the Lander L-Desk beyond that, though. For one, it comes mostly pre-assembled. Many three-legged L-shaped desks are hard to assemble; in contrast, the iMovR only requires you to attach the side table with a handful of machine bolts and screws.

iMovR Lander L-Desk

Source: iMovR

You get a lot of options, too; welcome when you’re spending this much on a desk. The main rectangular desk is available in widths ranging from 65 to 89 inches (in increments of six inches). The L-shaped return section is available in 24 and 30-inch depths, with widths ranging from 35 to 59 inches. On top of that, there are also 20 “standard” colors for the desktops themselves, with custom options available.

This solid build quality and extensive customization are backed by an impressive warranty: lifetime for the steel frame and 15 years for the motors, electronics, and desk surface. That’s almost unheard of and helps move the iMovR Lander L-Desk to the top of the pile.

Of course, there’s no getting around that this will be tough to justify for most readers. But if you happen to be in the market for the best L-shaped gaming desk for work and play, this is it.

3. VIVO Corner Stand Up Desk

Best Budget Three-Legged Sit/Stand Desk

Width x Depth67 x 60 inches
Height24.7 - 50.3 inches
Maximum Weight208 pounds

VIVO’s Corner Stand Up Desk brings the three-legged sit/stand desk experience to a much more affordable price point. So if you’re after a large, height-adjustable L-shaped desk for less than $1000, this is the one to check out.

The VIVO desk only comes in one size, 67 x 60 inches, in a slightly asymmetrical L shape. The height range is similar to the iMovR at 24.7 to 50.3 inches, but the maximum weight limit is less than half at 208 pounds. It’s an understandable reduction given the vast price gap.

The top itself isn’t anything special, just black particle board. So you’re really paying for the frame here, more so than the total package.

VIVO Corner Stand Up Desk

Source: VIVO

Where the VIVO really falls flat compared to the iMovR is in the assembly and set up. For one, the VIVO ships in three separate boxes that may not arrive simultaneously. Not the end of the world, but not ideal if you’re eagerly awaiting a gaming desk upgrade.

Another thing to watch is that the tabletops don’t come pre-drilled for the frames. You’ll have to drill the holes yourself or get a friend to help you with it. This is, unfortunately, quite usual when you’re shopping for a three-leg, three-motor desk at this price point.

Overall, the VIVO Corner Stand Up Desk is a decent option for a budget-friendly three-legged sit/stand L-shaped desk. It’s not without assembly issues, but as long as you go in prepared, you might find that this is more than enough desk for you.

4. FlexiSpot L-Shaped Standing Desk

Best Two-Legged Sit/Stand Desk

Width x Depth63 x 43.3 inches
Height23.6 - 48.4 inches
Maximum Weight275 pounds

Sure, three-legged desks are great, but not everyone needs the extra space or has that much money to spend. If you’re after a more compact L-shaped sit/stand desk at a more agreeable price, check out this FlexiSpot L-shaped gaming desk.

The company has a few models, but we chose this specific one for its slightly higher weight limit of 275 pounds. You likely won’t reach the weight limit, but it’s a good indicator of quality nonetheless.

This FlexiSpot L-shaped gaming desk has a minimum height of 23.6 inches and a maximum of 48.4 inches and sports a shorter L-shaped return than most competing desks. It’ll be fine for a laptop, but this probably isn’t the desk for you if you’re planning to have a huge secondary monitor there.

FlexiSpot L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Source: FlexiSpot

The desk surface is made of chipboard, which isn’t as premium as we would like. Still, it’s a one-piece design (unlike many competitors at this price point) and has a mahogany finish that helps it look more expensive than it is. The sub-50 dB motors also help give the FlexiSpot L-shaped gaming desk a classy feel that arguably belies the price.

The lower price shows during assembly, though. More than one customer review points out the holes in the desktop don’t line up precisely with those on the adjustable frame. It’s not an insurmountable problem, but you will have to do some drilling to get everything set up.

Setup issues aside, this FlexiSpot L-Shaped gaming desk is an excellent option if you want the flexibility and potential benefits of a standing desk at a relatively affordable price.

5. GreenForest L-Shaped Desk

Best Value L-Shaped Desk

Width x Depth58.1 x 44.3 inches
Height29.1 inches

Height-adjustable gaming desks are great, but not everyone has the budget or is interested in one of those. Well, if all you’re after is a solid (yet budget-friendly) L-shaped gaming desk, then this GreenForest desk is worth investigating.

The GreenForest is a three-piece desk with two horizontal sections (39 inches and 25.2 long respectively) that connect to a curved corner piece. This makes the GreenForest desk quite versatile, as you can choose the orientation of the L to suit your space.

The desks themselves are made of particle board and come in a few different finishes to suit your space. There’s the ever-present black option, but you also get two Walnut options, Oak, and Rustic Brown finishes to choose from.

The GreenForest L-Shaped Desk won’t win any awards for outstanding build quality or ease of installation. But the price makes it a great option if you’re looking to get an L-shaped gaming setup going without breaking the bank.

6. Bestier L-Shaped Desk

Best L-Shaped Desk With Extra Storage

Width x Depth59 x 59 inches
Height29 inches

L-shaped desks offer a lot of desktop space, but most don’t really have much in the way of under desk storage. That’s where this Bestier L-shaped desk with its built-in storage shelves comes in. Sure, adding a small shelf yourself is quite trivial, but having built-in storage is arguably more elegant.

The Bestier L-shaped gaming desk is a utilitarian-styled desk with two open shelving units underneath the table. There’s one tier at one end of the desk and another in the middle near the corner. It’s generally no-frills, but the tiers themselves can be moved to accommodate taller objects like a desktop PC.

As usual at this price point, the desktop itself is particle board. You do get a full melamine coating, though; this makes it waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. You can choose from a handful of woodgrain patterns, a carbon fiber-style print, and a plain black finish.

Bestier L-shaped desk

Source: Bestier

It’s also worth noting that you can also configure the Bestier L-shaped desk as an extra-length horizontal desk if needed. That gives it extra longevity, letting you repurpose it in a different room or setup if you upgrade your computer desk somewhere down the line.

Overall, we think the Bestier L-shaped desk is a solid option that gives you flexible storage and a clean, all-business look. You will have to work on your desk cable management since there’s nowhere to hide your mess, but we think that’s a good thing in the long run!

Before You Buy

Why L-Shaped?

An L-shaped gaming desk setup is a great way to get the most out of your room corners. Placing one in a room corner is an excellent way to increase desk space without taking over one of your walls with a huge rectangular desk. It’s also great for keeping all your devices at hand, great if you’re juggling multiple tasks.

We also like L-shaped desks because they’re arguably more versatile than standard desks. There’s no one “best” way to use an L-shaped gaming desk in your room. For example, you could set your monitor up in the corner to give you free space to your left and right; great if you like taking notes or just having stuff lying around:

You can also use the two horizontal sections for two separate rigs, monitors, or devices. For example, an L-shaped gaming desk lets you have your PC and console gaming setups on the same desk. Or you could dedicate one side to a video editing monitor without going down the traditional multiple monitors route. It’s all up to you, really.

Do I Need a Sit/Stand Desk?

If you looked at the price of the height-adjustable sit/stand desks on our list and balked at the huge price premium, we don’t blame you. Even the cheapest motorized sit/stand desk is significantly more expensive than a premium fixed-height desk. Is the extra money worth it?

Well, that depends. The research on height-adjustable sit/stand desks is still evolving, so there’s no definitive word yet on the benefits of standing while working. Still, research indicates that there seems to be some benefit to alternating between the two postures, including reductions in blood pressure and lower back pain.

To that end, we think it’s worth investing in a sit/stand desk if you spend all day at your desk juggling work and play. Just don’t treat it as a magic bullet that will solve all your health or posture issues, and you’ll be fine.

However, if you only sit down at your desk for a few hours to game, you’re probably better off spending the money elsewhere for now. If you’d like to delve deeper into this topic, we have an article dedicated to the merits of gaming standing up.

Closing Thoughts

An L-shaped gaming desk is a worthwhile investment of time and space if you multi-task or rock a particularly epic PC gaming setup. That said, not everyone’s idea of the best L-shaped gaming desk will be the same. We think the Bestier L-Shaped Desk With RGB is an excellent place to start if you want a gaming L-desk, but your choice will depend on budget, needs, and aesthetic taste.

There are a ton of fixed-height L-shaped gaming desks in different styles to choose from if our picks don’t work for you. So take some time and explore your options thoroughly. And, once you’ve found one that works, why not add some of the best gaming desk accessories to really elevate your setup?

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