The 5 Best Triple Monitor Stands in 2021

Written by Azzief Khaliq
Last updated Nov 5, 2021

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Even with ultrawide monitors becoming more and more common, there’s still nothing quite like rocking three full-sized monitors for maximum gaming and productivity fun. There are some downsides, though, including the fact that you’ll have three individual monitor stands taking up desk space. But that’s where the best triple monitor stands come into the picture.

From freestanding options to desk- and grommet-mounted alternatives, there’s likely a triple monitor stand out there for you. Without further ado, let’s get started with our list.

The Best Triple Monitor Stands

1. Ergotech Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Best Freestanding Stand

VESA SupportVESA 75 and 100
Maximum Weight Per Arm25 pounds
Maximum Monitor Size27 inches

Ergotech’s triple LCD monitor stand is our pick if you want the best of the best in freestanding monitor stands. It’s pricey, but its combination of build quality, mostly tool-less assembly, and a lifetime warranty makes it a standout product that’s easy to recommend.

One of the Ergotech stand’s highlights is its telescopic arms, which can stretch out to accommodate three 27-inch monitors side by side. The monitors themselves attach to the arms with the company’s signature quick-release pivots. These pivots mount to your monitors and allow them to be installed and removed quickly without needing tools.

Since they’re not fixed to the frame, the pivots also offer a decent amount of horizontal and vertical adjustment so you can get your monitors positioned just right. The pivots can support 25 pounds each and have mounting holes for VESA 75 and 100 standards, meaning you’ll be set no matter what monitors you’re using.

ergotech triple monitor stand in action

Source: u/GeOFTW

The Ergotech stand also lets you tweak your monitors’ angles better than most. All three monitors can pivot 20 degrees up and 10 degrees down, rotate 360 degrees, and tilt 25 degrees up and down.

Do note that the stand doesn’t have any protective padding underneath, so it may leave a mark on your desk. We’d recommend laying down a piece of felt or padding below it to protect your surface. The Ergotech stand also comes with a C-clamp mount, in case you’d rather not deal with the base at all.

Overall, we think the Ergotech triple monitor stand is one of the best triple monitor mounts available right now. Yes, paying around $200 for a monitor stand is a bit hard to swallow. But it’s a stand that’ll stay with you for a long time, so we’d argue it’s money well spent.

2. Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand

Best Budget Freestanding Stand

VESA SupportVESA 75 and 100
Maximum Weight Per Arm15.4 pounds
Maximum Monitor Size27 inches

If you’re looking to live the triple monitor life on a more reasonable budget, the Mount-It! triple monitor stand is a freestanding option you’ll want to check out.

Compared to the premium Ergotech stand, the Mount-It! is significantly more limited in maximum monitor weight. While Mount-It! still quotes support for 27-inch monitors, each can only weigh a maximum of 15.4 pounds.

That’s more than enough for high-refresh gaming monitors like the ASUS TUF VG259Q, so that’s not necessarily a huge negative. You can probably fit three 1440p 27” gaming monitors, too. If you’re going that route, be sure to double-check your monitor weights to make sure they’re below the 15.4-pound limit.

Mount-It! freestanding triple monitor stand

Source: Mount-It!

The Mount-It! stand allows for height adjustment on all three monitors. It also offers 45-degree tilt for all three monitors and 360 rotation, allowing you to install all three monitors vertically if you please. The monitor mounts also provide an inch of micro-adjustment for height; critical when aligning different monitor models.

The base is smaller than the Ergotech’s and has a padded non-slip bottom, meaning it likely won’t scuff up your desk. There’s also a grommet and clamp mount included in the box, which is nice to see at such a wallet-friendly price.

All in all, the Mount-It! triple monitor stand is a solid budget choice. The 27-inch maximum monitor size gives you a lot of monitor choices and makes it a great stand if you want a lot of desktop space for as little money as possible.

3. TechOrbits Triple Monitor Stand

Best Desk-Mounted Stand

VESA SupportVESA 75 and 100
Maximum Weight Per Arm15.4 pounds
Maximum Monitor Size30 inches

If you want a stylish triple monitor arm that’ll let you arrange your monitors however you desire, the TechOrbits Triple Monitor Stand is for you. It’s built out of polished, heavy-duty aluminum that lends it an eye-catching look. This definitely isn’t a stand for those who prefer something that sinks into the background.

But the TechOrbits’ gas-powered springs and self-balancing arms may bring you round even if polished aluminum isn’t your thing. Together, these two features allow the TechOrbits stand’s arms to hold monitors up in almost any arrangement you desire. No need to choose between horizontal and stacked layouts here.

Think of the TechOrbits stand as three single-monitor arms in one, and you’ll get the picture. The TechOrbits’ design allows for almost total adjustment of your monitor heights and positioning. The side arms rotate 270 degrees within the central base, with 360-degree rotation on the two upper hinges.

TechOrbits Triple Monitor Stand

Source: TechOrbits

The central mount and both arms are height-adjustable from the central pillar. In addition, the side arms have an extra vertical adjustment point on the top hinge, letting you lower them even below your main monitor if you so desire.

Speaking of desires, we would have liked to see a slightly higher monitor weight limit for the TechOrbit stand. But it’s understandable, given the self-adjusting arm design. Besides, 15.4 pounds is still quite a lot and will be enough for most mainstream monitors.

Overall, the TechOrbits Triple Monitor Stand is a versatile, flexible stand perfect for office situations or for those who like to change their multi-monitor setups around regularly. The lifetime warranty is a welcome bonus, making this one of the best triple monitor mounts you can buy.

4. VIVO Triple Monitor Mount

Best Budget Desk-Mounted Stand

VESA SupportVESA 75 and 100
Maximum Weight Per Arm15.4 pounds
Maximum Monitor Size24 inches

VIVO’s triple monitor mount has a lot of similarities to the Mount-It! product earlier. It’s not as good as the very best in its class, but it’s also priced keenly enough that budget-conscious buyers might not care that much.

While the VIVO’s 15.4-pound weight limit isn’t too bad, the 24-inch maximum size does limit this to 1080p monitors. It’s not a huge issue, especially since you’re trading individual monitor size for the luxury of three monitors. But this isn’t the stand for you if you already have a 27-inch monitor that you’d like to integrate into a triple monitor setup.

VIVO Triple Monitor Mount

Source: VIVO

The VIVO triple monitor arms support both landscape and portrait orientations, courtesy of the 90-degree tilt, 180-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation for all monitors. The VIVO stand also offers one inch of height micro-adjustment to get all three monitors on the same level.

The VIVO triple mount isn’t as exciting as the TechOrbits, but it’s hard to hold that against the VIVO when it’s about half the price. It’s a solid, no-frills triple monitor desk mount. Chuck some 22 to 24” 1080p monitors on one of these, and you’ll have a lot of screen space for not a lot of spending.

5. WALI Triple Monitor Mount

Best Stacked Desk-Mounted Stand

VESA SupportVESA 75 and 100
Maximum Weight Per Arm22 pounds
Maximum Monitor Size27 inches

Want a triple monitor setup but not keen on having all three side-by-side? Then WALI’s triple monitor mount is worth a look. Unlike all the other tri monitor arms on our list, the WALI puts one of your three monitors above the other two.

This makes it an excellent option if you’ve been using a dual-monitor stand but want to add another monitor without needing more horizontal real estate. A stacked triple monitor setup might be easier to work with if you need a third monitor for productivity and not entertainment.

The WALI supports up to 27-inch monitors with a maximum weight limit of 22 pounds per monitor. Each VESA-compatible mount can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 15 degrees up and down, allowing for some tweaking of viewing angles.

The nature of the monitor layout means it doesn’t offer quite as much adjustment as other stands on our list. For example, the top monitor’s height adjustment is limited by how tall the monitors below are. You also can’t rotate the top monitor into portrait mode if the lower ones are horizontal.

These are all common-sense limitations, but it’s essential to be aware of them before committing to a stacked triple monitor arrangement. Be sure to check out our buying guide section for more discussion on horizontal vs. stacked triple monitor setups.

Overall, the WALI triple monitor mount is an interesting option that offers something different than the standard three-abreast configuration. It’s not the stand we’d suggest if you want gaming immersion, but the productivity-minded will likely find this an equally compelling choice as our other picks.

Before You Buy


When you’re shopping for any sort of monitor stand, there are two crucial compatibility factors that you need to be aware of. First is the mount’s VESA compatibility, and second is its weight capacity.

Let’s start with VESA. VESA is the standard that defines the four attachment holes on the back of a computer monitor or TV. There are several standards, but the two most common ones on computer monitors are VESA 75 and VESA 100.

VESA 75 features four holes in a 75 x 75 mm pattern, while VESA 100 has holes in a 100 x 100 mm arrangement. So, when you’re buying a stand, make sure it supports the same VESA mount as your monitor.

Monitor VESA mounting holes

VESA mounting holes on an Acer monitor. Source: Acer

Secondly, you’ll also need to know the maximum weight that each monitor arm or mount supports. This can vary significantly between models and manufacturers, so it’s best to always double-check this particular spec before buying a stand.

Most monitor manufacturers will list weights with and without the included stands. So, it’s simply a matter of checking your monitor manufacturer’s website and comparing that to the stand’s supported monitor weight.

Horizontal or Stacked?

Most triple monitor stands will arrange all three monitors side-by-side for maximum horizontal real estate. This sort of setup is perfect for cockpit-style immersion, crucial if you’re playing racing or flight simulators.

Three horizontal monitors are also great for productivity because you can have one central monitor for your main tasks, while the two flanking monitors can be used for supplementary info or less critical data. There’s also a lot of versatility to how the monitors can be arranged, like so:

A stacked setup like that offered by the WALI Triple Monitor Mount is a bit more of a niche option. It’s good if you’re in a relatively cramped space that simply won’t accommodate three monitors side-by-side, but you are stuck with the default layout and horizontal monitors.

If you just need three horizontal monitors for work, then it’s a solid option. But we wouldn’t recommend it for entertainment, as the bezels of the two bottom monitors will interfere with games and movies.

If you’re already gaming across two monitors and need an extra for Twitch chat or similar, then be our guest. But we don’t think someone new to multi-monitors should go for a stacked option if they have entertainment in mind.

Stacked triple monitor setup

Source: TechGear

There isn’t really a right or wrong choice here. But we think the standard horizontal setup is more versatile and can be used equally adequately for work or play. The stacked arrangement can work for both too, but the bezels splitting the bottom image can definitely be an issue.

Wall Mounting

If you love the floating look of wall-mounted monitors, the best way to achieve that with three monitors is by using multiple single-monitor wall mounts. Triple monitor wall mounts are uncommon, and the available systems are exorbitantly expensive, compromised, or both.

For instance, this Chief triple monitor wall mount only supports 10 pounds per mount, which will limit your monitor choices quite a bit. That wouldn’t be a huge problem were it not also $350, which is way more than we’d recommend spending on any monitor mounting setup.

We’d recommend getting three single-monitor wall-mounted arms instead. This WALI arm should do a decent job and is only $20. Three of those will come out way cheaper than the Chief and will be much more versatile. The extra work you’ll have to do to set them up is, arguably, a small price to pay.

A look behind Bitwit’s triple-monitor setup. Source: Bitwit

Closing Thoughts

Once you set foot in the rarefied world of triple monitors, getting the best triple monitor stand that fits your needs is really the only way forward. A good tri monitor stand will keep your setup clean and clutter-free while offering the adjustments you need to get things looking and feeling perfect.

We like the TechOrbits triple monitor stand the most here, but any of these should do the job provided they’re sturdy enough to accommodate your monitors. All the best!

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