The 15 Most Unique PC Cases You Can Buy in 2021

Written by Liam Tormey
Last updated Dec 2, 2021

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If you’re building a new computer that is going to look as cool as it runs, browsing this list of unique PC cases is a good start. We have an affinity for originality at Voltcave and we wanted to share some of the coolest PC cases available today. Our list highlights both unique aesthetics and functionality. Almost every case is practical enough that we can actually recommend it for a build, and all of them could certainly be considered unique, unusual, or downright crazy.

1. In Win D-Frame

inwin d-frame build

Source: u/wardog102

The In Win D-Frame is a fitting case for the monster truck-lover who’s also a PC gamer. The aluminum piping that forms its open-air chassis looks great with a matching custom water cooling loop. And if you’re planning to spend nearly $400 on a case, you probably won’t be air cooling anyway.

Aside from its unique exterior, other notable features include its back-side PSU mount and sideways motherboard configuration. Inexperienced builders may struggle with the non-standard setup but we get the feeling that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

The In Win D-Frame comes in blue, orange, red, and white. It’s also available in other sizes including a Mini-ITX version and a decked-out full tower that is currently out of stock everywhere. But we think the standard ATX version packs the most value.

2. Cougar Conquer

The Cougar Conquer mid-tower case looks more at home in a garage than an office and has a price tag to match. This distinct open air PC case was released in 2017 and remains a favorite among modders.

As seen in our featured build above, this case is often painted and vinyl-wrapped to striking effect. Cable extensions are sometimes required as a result of the power supply placement.

This model is not to be confused with the newer Cougar Conquer 2, which features more RGB lighting but is less interesting to us.

3. Lian-Li O11 Dynamic

Visually striking and capable of great airflow, it’s no surprise that Lian-Li’s O11 Dynamic is perhaps the most popular case on our list. This high-end chassis is ideal for water cooling but is equally functional in a strictly air-cooled build. It has mounting points for a bevy of radiators and fans.

Our favorite quirk of this case is its uniquely partitioned layout. The chassis is separated into two parts: a showcase section for the motherboard, fans, and associated components, and then a section behind the motherboard that hides the cables, drives, and has support for two power supply units.

There’s only a handful of enthusiasts who would use two PSUs in a mid-tower case but it’s a unique feature nonetheless. Another cool and more practical feature worth mentioning is its support for a vertical GPU mount.

4. Thermaltake Tower 900

This “super tower” Tower 900 by Thermaltake is huge and heavy, weighing in at 54 lbs. It has ample room for custom liquid cooling and large glass panels to show it all off. The Tower 900 also has a very unique motherboard layout with top-facing I/O ports and a 5.25″ bay in the front that looks great with a fan controller installed. We wish more cases supported this.

5. Thermaltake Core P5 V2

The design of the Thermaltake Core P5 V2 is not particularly unusual. What makes this case unique is where it can go. The Core P5 V2 can stand upright, lay horizontally, and best of all, hung on a wall.

Wall-mounted cases aren’t as easy to service but are worthwhile aesthetically, especially when you take the time to route cables through your wall as was done in our featured build. The Core P5 V2 comes with a lot of functionality that we love, including two optional motherboard mounting orientations, vertical GPU support, and great cable management around the back along with room to mount three additional hard drives.

Thermaltake’s Core P-series cases also come in various sizes and forms. Check out the P3 for a more compact ATX case and the P1 for a Mini ITX version.

6. Cryorig Taku

This clean Mini ITX case is meant to sit front and center with your monitor atop and your keyboard tucked neatly underneath. In terms of its layout and intended placement on your desk, Cryorig’s Taku is one of the most unique PC cases available.

Although it might look challenging to install components into this compact case, its pull-out drawer design makes building your PC rather simple.

The unique Cryorig Taku pc case opened drawer

We like the tasteful wooden accents and the pursuit of minimalism that maximizes desk space. This thing looks like something you would find in an IKEA catalogue, and we mean that in the best way possible. This is exactly what happens when form follows function in PC case design.

7. Anidees AI Crystal Cube

Despite its namesake, the AI Crystal Cube doesn’t actually have artificial intelligence like the InWin Diéy we cover later. The AI Crystal Cube is shaped like a mini-fridge and has the cooling support to match. It ships with five RBG fans pre-installed and can support a total of twelve.

All those fans don’t necessarily lead to maximum airflow though, as they are choked by the front tempered glass panel. And while the tinted glass panel doesn’t do any favors for your temps, it does provide a nice muted aesthetic for the RGB fans. The case also has a ton of room for liquid cooling.

One potential drawback to this case is it has clear glass side panels on both sides, meaning the cable management chamber is fully exposed. If cable cleanliness is important to you, it will require extra effort and possibly custom cables to pull off.

Cable management side fully exposed.

This case is sold online by Anidees but is actually produced by the reputable manufacturer Jonsbo. For more similar options, check out our list of the best cube PC cases.

8. Lian-Li TU150

The TU150 is another elegant, unassuming case from Lian-Li’s fine hardware designers in Taiwan. This is the first case on our list to include a retractable carrying handle — perfect for the few proud folks who still organize LAN parties or for the traveling professional who can’t accept the performance compromises of a laptop.

The TU150 is big for a small form factor PC case but at around 24 liters, that added volume allows it to fit a beefy GPU along with CPU air coolers as large as the NH-D15. While this isn’t the most unique PC case on our list, it’s a functional and balanced little case that is priced reasonably.

If you like the idea of a case with a handle, check out our list of the best portable PC cases.

9. Streacom DB4

The unique Streacom DB4 PC case

Source: u/dlfphoto

Streacom’s DB4 is classic, understated, and silent. Custom heat pipes connect the CPU to the case’s thick aluminum side panels to passively cool your computer. This is one of the first popular consumer cases to pull double duty as a low TDP heatsink.

For the uninitiated, that means this case acts as your CPU cooler and requires no fan. Heat passively dissipates through the high surface area aluminum fin design of the exterior and allows your PC to run completely silently.

Streacom rates the DB4 for a CPU with a max TDP of 65W. Although this limits your CPU selection to lower power offerings, there are some stellar new 4000-series processors from AMD and very promising Intel parts on the horizon. Both should perfectly complement this case.

This unique PC case really shines when it is paired with an APU (a CPU with integrated graphics). If you don’t plan to use an APU, this case does support a dedicated graphics card — but requires their GPU add-on to keep it passively cooled.

It’s heavy for its size with side panels weighing 2.2 lbs each, and its extremely small footprint and I/O placement make it challenging to build in. But those quirks are also what allow for its uniquely clean aesthetics.

10. Yuel Beast Motif Monument

The weird modern art version of a PC case, in a good way.

If you believe PC building is an art form, the Motif Monument might help make your case. This bare-bones open PC case comes from Yuel Beast Designs, a small custom computer design company out of Nutley, New Jersey. Each unit is hand-numbered.

If you want to optimize the aesthetics of this case, you’ll have some limitations in component selection: Aim for a two-slot GPU less than or equal to seven inches long and a moderately sized air cooler. You’ll also want a modular SFX PSU with custom sleeved cables approximately 60cm in length.

Although I’m a fan of small form factor PCs, this build just isn’t for me as I have no fewer than a dozen drives connected to my PC at any given time. However, if you can make do with only two M.2 drives, this sleek steel chassis might be for you.

11. InWin Diéy

The weirdest PC case on our list for sure.

This garish piñata is the InWin Diéy, an unusual product from the company’s signature series that was demonstrated at CES 2020. This weird PC case has voice controls, a projector, flaps like a bird, and is estimated to cost ~$14,500.

If AI RBG-enhanced flapping is a must-have for you, look no further: this is the only case that has it. Our list was getting far too sensible, so excuse the brief value detour. Admittedly, we’re not sure if the added airflow from a flapping case justifies the price tag.

12. Dan A4-SFX

The DAN A4-SFX tiny pc case

This tiny case can still fit the full-sized EVGA GTX 1080Ti FTW. Just barely!

From the largest case on our list to the smallest. With an internal volume of 7.2 liters, the Dan A4-SFX stands as the most compact computer case that can still carry a full-sized graphics card. Like the O11 Dynamic, this chassis was made in partnership between Lian Li and Dan Hansen, a talented German designer.

Despite having a miniature footprint, the Dan A4-SFX punches above its weight in thermal performance, beating many small form factor cases that are much larger. This is accomplished with generous ventilation on both sides and by using a PCI-E extender to seat the GPU behind the motherboard.

The A4-SFX can still accommodate two 2.5″ drives, and if you remove the drive bay, you can even fit a 92mm AIO liquid cooler inside. That kind of hardware support and cooling performance are unmatched for a case this size.

13. NZXT H1

The Xbox Series X isn’t the only upright rectangular gaming box on the block. The NZXT H1 rocks the unique vertical layout with high material quality at a price point that makes it easy to recommend. At 13.5 liters, this case is a bit bigger than an Xbox Series X but is still very small among desktop computer cases and offers a decent balance between noise and thermals.

It comes with a 650W gold-rated power supply and an AIO liquid cooler, and like so many of the smaller cases do these days, it also ships with a PCIe riser cable so that you can mount your GPU around the back of the motherboard.

The NZXT H1 is great for folks who want a small form factor PC without the hassle of worrying about cooler clearance and compatibility. But for those who’d prefer to use their own PSU and CPU cooler, the bundled components might be seen as unnecessary costs.

14. Thermaltake View 37

Unique curved acrylic side panel in the Tt View 37 case.

Source: Vortez

Tempered glass is the single most ubiquitous improvement in case design in the last decade and the Thermaltake View 37 bucks that trend. The continuous curved acrylic panel that wraps around the side and top of this mid-tower allows for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The panoramic panel offers a great view of your internals at the expense of some structural rigidity.

It has a reasonable amount of side-to-side flex and acrylic is notoriously easy to scratch, so this isn’t a case you’ll want to be moving around. However, the View 37 provides reasonable cooling performance for a looks-focused build and successfully differentiates itself as a unique PC case without resorting to impractical or expensive gimmicks.

15. Lian Li DK-05F Desk Case

We scratched the surface of a dual-purpose PC case earlier with the Cryorig Taku, the monitor stand/computer case. A desk PC case takes that to another level. The Lian Li DK-05F can fit two separate systems and is fully motorized to be adjusted for sitting or standing.

It includes multiple optional mounting brackets around the back so you can install a monitor arm cleanly, and more impressively, the smart glass top panel can be switched from clear to a foggy opaque with the touch of a button.

At the time of writing, availability for the DK-05F Desk Case is scarce but its reception has been mostly positive. A few noteworthy criticisms from early adopters include desktop speaker interference because of the PSU mounting locations and difficulty handling the heavy glass panel.

We’ve included some expensive cases in our rundown and this one is right up there at $1,999. When you combine the costs of a quality motorized standing desk, a high-end Lian Li case, and electrochromic smart glass, this price point starts to look justifiable. You also have the option of stepping down to the smaller single-system DK-04F, or its upcoming budget variant without smart glass, the DK-04GX.

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