10 Cool Gaming PC Accessories That Make Your Build Complete

Written by Thao Tran
Last updated Apr 13, 2021

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Closeup of clearmilk's PC build.

Are you still itching for parts even though your gaming PC is fully built? We completely understand. Your rig will always be a work in progress. But for now, you can turn your attention to gaming PC accessories to round out your build. They’re generally easier to add and also kinder on the wallet.

In a previous article, we covered gaming desk accessories to deck out your full gaming setup. This article focuses specifically on PC add ons.

1. RGB LED Strips

Chances are you already have a few RGB PC components if you built your rig in the past few years. But if your build doesn’t have enough RGB yet to satisfy you, you can add a few RGB light strips to intensify the light show.

We like the smooth lighting of Phanteks’ Neon RGB LED Strips. They connect directly to your motherboard’s 5V 3-pin ARGB headers for full lighting control. If your motherboard is older and doesn’t have those headers, you will need a controller hub to connect and control them.

2. Custom GPU Backplate

V1 Tech Naruto GPU backplate

Are you taking advantage of the prime real estate on the backside of your graphics card? GPU backplates are a custom-cut flat sheet of acrylic that easily installs onto your graphics card. That flat surface makes for a large canvas to display an attractive design of your choosing and as an added bonus, provides a small amount of protection to your GPU.

We like V1 Tech’s selection of nerdy designs and their fully-custom offering, which allows you to upload your own graphic or image. There are also vendors that also provide sleek backplates without lights that look more like something that would come with the card. Read our article all about GPU backplates to learn more.

3. GPU Support Brace

If you’re suffering from GPU sag or worried about it, consider purchasing a GPU support brace. These support brackets attach to a PCI slot under your graphics card and physically supports it from underneath.

Some products like Uphere’s GPU Brace are sleek and minimal, purely meant to serve their function. And others as you probably guessed, have their own designs and RGB lights — another way to add some pizazz to your build.

4. Vertical GPU Mount

Vertical GPUs just look cool, period. And they’re easy to add to your build. A product like the Phanteks Vertical GPU Bracket will take up all of your PCI slots to cradle your GPU vertically and includes a riser cable to connect to your motherboard.

The often less-attractive backside of your GPU will be completely hidden from view and your GPU fans will be shown through the side window of your case. This looks especially awesome when GPUs have lights or intricate designs on their fan side.

5. Sleeved Cable Extensions

Ever wonder why other people’s motherboard cables look so much neater and nicer than yours? Chances are they’re using custom cable extensions. Cable extensions attach to your existing PSU cables and connect to your motherboard and GPU where they’re most prominent.

These cable extensions are nicely sleeved, uniform in color, and almost always come with cable combs to keep them extra straight. Prices range from $10-$100 depending on cable thickness and color options. CableMod has been the leader in the space for a while and their Classic series is a great entry-level product to start with.

6. RGB Cable Combs

If you already have sleeved cable extensions and want to show them some extra love and attention, consider adding RGB cable combs. Despite all the tackiness associated with full rainbow RGB PC builds, we think RGB cable combs look pretty classy. You can of course build your PC however you’d like.

7. RGB Cable Extensions

Source: Builds With V

Speaking of full rainbow RGB…you can also scrap the previous two gaming PC accessory suggestions and grab the Lian Li Strimer RGB cable extensions. These sleeved cables are lined with addressable LED strips and as you can see, look pretty damn cool and unique.

8. Fan Filters

If you find your computer filling up with dust and animal hair often, you can probably benefit from checking your fan configuration and adding air filters. Instead of cleaning out your computer every week or upgrading your case, install these inexpensive fan filters to catch the dust before it enters your system. These aluminum mesh sheets attach directly to fans inside of your case and work surprisingly well.

9. Color Thumbscrews

Most of the gaming PC accessories we’ve mentioned so far are large and eye-catching but small accent colors are important to your overall build design too. Do you have a red and black theme that needs a little bit more red? Install red thumbscrews to your PCI slot brackets to add a full column of color. Powlankou offers packs of aluminum thumbscrews in nine different colors for you to choose from.

10. Headphone Mount

If you don’t have any room on your desk for a headphone stand, you can try this ingenious little product by NZXT. The Puck is a silicone headphone mount that attaches to metal surfaces on your case via powerful magnets. It has a built-in cable management channel and can split in half to extend if you need space for extra-long cables. It sounds like a silly product but actually looks and works great in practice.

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